📚 node [[write]]
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⥅ node [[edit]] pulled by user


  • #pull https://edit.anagora.org
  • an [[action]].
    • in the [[Agora]]:
      • I am trying to run an easy-to-use [[agora editor]] as a community service for people to [[edit the Agora]] if they don't currently have another host. As of the time of writing, I'm using [[silverbullet]]:
      • If this Agora is correctly set up, you should see an Agora editor above :)
  • an [[action]].
    • in [[real life]] :)
      • I want to execute it at least [[weekly]].
      • I've been failing hard at this, now trying to come up with a [[plan]].
      • [[push]] [[do]]
  • a [[journal]]
    • that I try to keep while editing
    • [[pull]] [[pushes]]
    • [[2021-01-07]]
      • [[meta]] what I could implement as a way of setting up [[reinforcement loops]] could help here: push dates (future) to actions, then write in the target context (the action) as a log that 'acks' the incoming pushes -- or don't, and they'll show up as unfulfilled.
    • [[2022-03-26]]
      • [[meta]] wow, I can't believe it's been [[more than a year]] since I wrote that I needed to edit more, then proceeded not to edit.
      • just run [[editing]]
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