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Flancia Meet

  • We meet best-effort every Saturday. UTC?
  • This is where we have community maintained notes :)

[[flancia meet 2023-09-23]]

[[flancia meet 2023-09-09]]

[[flancia meet 2023-09-02]]

  • tried another VC platform but it wasn't very featureful yet (maybe because it's a demo)
  • [[bouncepaw]]
    • interview at end of Sep
    • six months of work/internship would cover rent for many semesters
    • going through emails
  • [[flancian]]
    • will try to focus on some small items this weekend/cleanup
    • found a [[PR]] thanks to bouncepaw's mentions of emails
  • servers
    • bouncepaw has a 1 GB server
    • got access to flancian's servers
  • [[flancian]] wants to run a [[gotosocial]] instance

[[flancia meet 2023-08-12]]

[[flancia meet 2023-07-29]]

[[flancia meet 2023-07-15]]

[[flancia meet 2023-07-08]]

[[flancia meet 2023-06-17]]

[[flancia meet 2023-06-10]]

  • Attending: [[bouncepaw]] [[flancian]]
  • Flancian turned on the camera and left
    • 8 minutes on the balcony
    • Then he walked with a cup
    • Then he had sound issues
    • :D
  • Then Flancian showed up after a ping (thanks!) :)
  • We want to work on:
  • How to add a user-scoped systemd service
    • mkdir -p ~/.config/systemd/user
    • vi ~/.config/systemd/user/betula.service
Description=Betula, see https://...


  • loginctl enable-linger $USER # needed only once per user, not per service
  • systemctl --user enable betula
  • systemctl --user start betula
  • systemctl --user status betula

[[flancia meet 2023-05-06]]

[[flancia meet 2023-05-06]]

[[flancia meet 2023-04-01]]

[[flancia meet 2023-03-18]]

[[flancia meet 2023-03-11]]

[[flancia meet 2023-02-11]]

[[flancia meet 2023-02-05]]

  • Attending: [[neil]] [[flancian]]
  • January was birthday season, February is quieter :)

[[flancia meet 2023-02-04]]

[[flancia meet 2023-01-07]]

#push [[flancia meet 2022-10-29]]

#push [[flancia meet 2022-09-24]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-09-09]]

[[flancia meet 2022-09-02]]

  • Didn't happen, [[flancian]] was travelling.

[[flancia meet 2022-08-27]]

  • Attending: [[flancian]], doing planning for the weekend and the upcoming trip.

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-08-20]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-08-13]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-08-06]]

  • didn't happen?
  • [[flancian]] was travelling with family.

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-07-30]]

  • didn't happen?

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-07-23]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-07-16]]

  • It seems it didn't happen ([[flancian]] had friends visiting).

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-07-09]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-07-02]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-06-04]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-05-28]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-05-14]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-05-07]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-04-30]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-04-16]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-04-02]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-03-19]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-03-12]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-03-05]]

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-02-26]]

  • attending [[vera]], [[flancian]]
  • [[ukraine war]]
    • :(
  • [[nazi harassment]] in the [[fediverse]]
  • New meeting time?
  • How does everyone like jitsi vs something else (not google meet)
  • how is [[zebras]] going?
  • [[vera]]
    • didn't get much done since last time; dealing with life
    • planning on making commit to [[agora-api]] to handle
      • git file change stuff
        • ostensibly this will accept a POST/PUT request to api with user/node/data combo and then write changes to disk and then create a git commit with those changes and push to gitea server using users logged in credentials
      • oauth integration
        • I don't like the way that [[gitea]] handles oauth login from mastodon, you have to hard code each allowed host manually which I'm not a fan of. There are plenty of mastodon api apps that let you sign in via any mastodon server, I'm tempted to create our own oauth layer that talks to gitea behind the scenes
          • we could go back to last year's plan w.r.t. using [[moa]] for this: [[go/moa/git]].
          • essentially add a [[git]] or [[gitea]] connector on top of twitter/mastodon
          • we could also open a ticket with gitea to ask about supporting arbitrary mastodon instances
      • adding text editor to agora website for logged in users
        • planning on using [[tinyMCE]] might use something else depending
        • this will talk to the code in agora-api that I mentioned above on submit
  • [[flancian]]
    • same here! :)
    • my goal is to just go through the todo list I built last week :)
    • [[agora bot matrix]]
    • also [[fix gitea]] (certificate)
    • look into [[git lfs]]
    • #push [[sign in button]]
      • just add a sign in button :)
      • by default it redirects to a 'non implemented yet' page with a description :)
      • perhaps then it only lets you sign in with [[mastodon]], then we add others
    • look into [[moa]] auth code

#push [[flancia-meet-2022-02-19]]

  • attending [[vera]], [[bouncepaw]], [[flancian]], [[will]], [[neil]]
  • building on the [[stoa]]
  • [[vera]]
    • [[git write flow]]
    • [[agora api]]
    • [[gitea oauth]]
    • we will commit to user repos if they are logged in
    • [[flancian]] happy to work on this with you if you need anything
    • [[flancian]] perhaps we could release the oauth sign in first?
    • once we have this, we could finally start dumping social data for users if they want it
    • you get your own personal data store
    • is [[logseq]] doing this?
      • they used to, but apparently this is now removed or at least not front and center
      • they may or may not use [[git]] for their planned hosting, actually we should check with them
  • [[ranking]] in the agora
    • reddit-style upvoting?
    • action called uprank
    • could do it in the stoa
    • stoa could be a log, like an action log
      • various actions could be available
      • works like a replay log
    • e.g. [[marx]] should autopull [[karl marx]]
      • could have a persistent pull button, so next time agora knows to pull it
    • e.g. like RT on Twitter started as a user text based action that twitter then codified?
    • stoa can provide a nice meta layer on top of people's digital gardens
      • e.g. use pull in the stoa without having to use it in own garden
    • it would work on trust on people not gaming the stoa
      • trust based systems can be a good thing
      • e.g. look at problems of trustless blockchain projects
      • if instances are kept small, this is OK
  • [[flancian]] has been thinking about [[browse as]]
    • related to concepts of [[liquid democracy]]
    • could be a way of 'previewing' what it might be like before delegating something to someone else
    • also relates to curation which is currently undervalued in social media
    • lets you burst out of [[filter bubble]]
  • agora stoa is fully open...
    • moderation policy needed
    • anyone can edit stoa, what if e.g. end up with fascist subnode
    • difference between authentication and authorization
      • ‘authentication is boolean, authorization is a list of permissions’ — [[vera]]
    • could possibly have two stoas? one open to public, one more limited to agora users
    • [[semi-permeable membrane]] in reference to commons. some boundaries are OK (needed in fact) to not ruin a commons.
    • [[reddy2go]] said we need [[bouncers]] and [[buddhas]] in communities
      • bouncers repel violence
      • buddhas try to foster community
      • [[neil]] likes the model of federation in mastodon -- you have a local timeline, and you can prioritize trusted instances you federate with -- but there's always the federated timeline, and also you have blocklists
        • e.g. poa.st and social.coop
        • [[blockchain]] was a [[common blocklist]] project but didn't seem actively maintained
        • [[weirder earth]]
          • has a well maintained list but it seemed to have potential for false positives
        • [[will]] going back to [[browse as]], you could have the concept of adopting someone else's blocklist to trial it/help debug
        • fascist vs shitposter
  • building "consensus" and group decision-making
    • proposal and asking if anybody strongly disagrees
    • [[zebras]] are experimenting with ~five types of governance tools
    • consensus vs. consent
    • upranking as a case study
  • [[agora bot]]
  • [[upranking]]
    • if you uprank something in your garden, maybe that means 'send it above me'
    • or you might be saying that these two subnodes are related
      • one is a comment or annotation of another?
      • push to subnode?
      • possible distinction between garden, stream, comment nodes
        • relates to agora.yaml
    • or perhaps it could be a star or a bookmark
    • relative ranking is important
    • [[neil]] liked how [[ctzn]] did it -- you could apply any action to any resource
      • it could include emojis, but also arbitrary text comments that worked somewhat as [[tags]]
      • you could then perhaps choose to 'show me this node ranked by this particular user-defined ranking'
    • [[neil]] takeaway: let's go into the [[stoa]] and start adding relationships between subnodes
      • which actions, relationships, ranking of things will be converge on?
      • [[vera]] one thing we can do: write down which one we uprank/like and why
  • [[metanode]] or [[supernode]]
    • a local graph of nodes/subnodes (where the link may not just be that they are defined by a shared title)
    • e.g. random/6
  • compatibility with [[mycomarkup]]?
    • [[vera]] right now the parser is outputting pandoc ast
    • [[bouncepaw]] thinking of working on a spec
    • [[melanocarpa]] is the garden
    • add an API for checking hypha existence

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#push [[flancia-meet-2022-01-22]]

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