📚 node [[2024 01 02]]
  • Happy [[2024]] to everybody reading!
    • May you be happy! May you be free! May you [[thrive]]!
  • [[work]]:
    • paged at 6.30AM.
  • [[AG]]
  • [[Laundry]], as in most of the last few days due to the ongoing [[Bettwanzen]] response -- trying to enjoy every cycle, some cycles are more fruitful than others :)
  • [[social coop]]:
    • Last day oncall for the [[CWG]].
    • Reviewed some progress on the discussion about [[Fedipact]] and whether we should be listed as signatories
    • Check poll
    • Check registrations
    • Check moderations

[[Meditate]], said [[Nostromo]].


I meditated. Thank you [[Taixu]] -- meaning the Buddhist Monk and also the [[shell]] script that I run in computer [[nostromo]].

I've been missing writing; I always feel like I should write more, and more often -- I feel the same for action [[read]] of course as well, as do many of us. So I decided to start writing more right here -- in my journal in the [[Agora of Flancia]].

Traditionally up to now I've been focusing my efforts more on [[noding]], in the particular meaning of exploring connectivity space; more interested in building links (between concepts, things and people) than about producing widely legible output. This under the hypothesis that the connections are important in building an [[Agora]] in particular, or at least [[bootstrapping]] it.

This reminds me [[bootstrapping]] is either chapter [[0]] or [[1]] in the [[Flancia Pattern Language]].

...anyway :)


  • [[social coop]]
    • Having an interesting conversation with [[3wc]] and [[ntnsndr]].
    • Sent oncall handoff to [[sam]]
    • Oh no, I forgot the [[twg]] meeting earlier today!


I slept. It was great.


Today I plan to continue doing laundry and finally open and clean up one of the rooms affected by [[bed bugs]] (the lesser one, no obvious infestation).

Also I plan to work on the [[Agora]]. Or should I say in the [[Agoras]]?


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