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img side { Auto-Portrait 2022-05-21 { I look like this half of the time. } } Bouncepaw is the author of this digital garden. This is me. My given name is Timur Ismagilov.

I come by many names, actually. You might know some names not listed here. Those identities are meant to be separate.

I am a computer science student in a university. I might become a commercial programmer, unless I find a way to not to.

Online, I am mostly known for [[Mycorrhiza]], my [[wiki engine]], my custom ergonomic keyboards, activity on various [[smolnet]] sites, and writings. I would also like to be known for my [[art]].

I speak Russian natively and English fluently. I also know Esperanto ok. A little French? I am always happy to discuss something with you.

= Read me

  • Read this site, Melanocarpa. This is my main hub now.
  • I am active on [[Mastodon]]. But beware, [[my toots expire]] (slowly).
  • I write like one post on my Russian-language Telegram channel a month: [[@bpblog]]. This is the oldest place with my articles in the visible net nowadays.

= Can we be friends? Of course!

I really like people who have their own sites, have a [[Fediverse]] presence, who do open source, who write/read texts and draw things. Are you anything like that? If so, let me know!

= Contact me

  • Instant messaging: ** Matrix: @charismatic_shell:matrix.org. ** Telegram: [[@bouncepaw]]. ** I have IRC! #bouncepaw on https://libera.chat. I do not read IRC every day, but I have a bouncer, so I won't miss your message. I do not really like IRC.
  • I have [[email]]. I don't like hard wrapped text. I like plain text.
  • We can talk on this wiki, if you are used to this type of conversations.

= Code

= Other wikis => https://mycorrhiza.wiki/hypha/u/bouncepaw => https://communitywiki.org/wiki/TimurIsmagilov => http://meatballwiki.org/wiki/TimurIsmagilov And some others, under different names.

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Cyberrachel is my personal [[wiki]], or a private [[digital garden]]. It cannot be found by you. It is protected by a password. Basically, you have no access to it. But I talk about it all the time nevertheless.

It has many more hyphae than [[Melanocarpa]]. 2533 3353, as of time of writing, and more coming every day. You see, I keep a diary. Each day gets its own hypha, so I have at least one new hypha every day.

See [[Киберрахиль]] for information in Russian.

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img side { идёт после дождя }

Melanocarpa is a [[digital garden]] grown by [[u/bouncepaw]]. It is also a sort of online encyclopedia and a wiki; you can make an account and edit hyphae.

Меланокарпа[[цифровой сад]], который выращивает [[u/bouncepaw]]. Это также онлайн-энциклопедия и вики: можно создать аккаунт и редактировать гифы.

=> tour_bus_stop | Tour bus stop, автобусная остановка

A big portion of this site is my [[Art]], mostly drawings on paper. Take a look! Also, see the [[Arbres]], the biggest texts here, they might be more interesting than the others.

This website is multilingual, i/e the content is written in English and Russian. When choosing a language for writing, choose the one closer to the topic. Thus, when writing about information technologies, you would probably choose English. In the future, I might want to integrate other languages; perhaps, including those I made up by myself, why not. There is no limit.

This wiki's hyphae are backed up in [[this GitHub repo]].

Visit my complementary website that contains [[my bookmarks]]! See [[Now]].

= Fresh, свежак, freŝa <= fresh | full blend

= Starting points ...under construction since 2022-08-05 21:43:37 UTC

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Mycorrhiza is a wiki software I have been developing for some time. Go [[https://mycorrhiza.wiki]] . See [[микориза]] for more information in Russian.

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