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  • Attending: [[Jerry Michalski]], [[Flancian]], [[Aram Zucker-Scharff]], [[Peter Kaminski]]

  • Check ins

  • Useful open source video editing with

  • [[flancian]] presentation (maybe): https://anagora.org/go/agora-slides

    • three facets
      • a space - the definition of an agora the one best known
        • public, mostly virtual, but has semi public sub-spaces (stoas). Different groups met in the different spaces and allowed people to join in and be part of something.
        • Go beyond the commons concern of the market
      • A distributed knowledge graph
        • Give it a list or repositories or resources and the agora will try to mash them together, find connections, find patterns, connect them.
      • A social network
        • an integration between social graphs and knowledge graphs and hopefully will make it part of the fediverse and t/f give it a clearer part of the social network concept.
    • Both a vision and a hypothesis
      • pro-social subsets of the internet would benefit from wide availability of a free [[interlay]] (as in the [[underlay project]]) provisioned and governed by a community as a commons.
      • For the common good.
      • Follow the principles of a commons.
      • Develop tools and instructions to make it more likely that such a connective layer arrises with these characteristics.
      • The agora is not good enough yet to be the connective layer but aims to be a bootstrap.
    • Note taking, wiki building, web annotating, communities, seem to have unique opportunity at hand. Possible to self-organize in cooperative groups and set up ways to federate within a commons.
    • Find common patterns and exploit them using the system where we can.
    • Design principles
      • Simple as possible
      • Leverage existing conventions and formats
      • bootstrap and build better ones from the bootstrap
    • Key characteristics
      • free software enabling a community to provision a basic knowledge commons
      • requires little of would be integrators and give back generously to participating communities.
      • inclusive and makes use of existing conventions, formats, tools, and networks for as long as practical.
    • Architecture
      • Agora Bridge
        • Software
        • User repositories
        • Social media
        • ...
        • Imports users' repositories every 30s and handles them. Usually git. Takes MassiveWiki and Social Media
      • Agora root repository
        • List of repositories
        • Configuration and bootstrap procedures
        • Base content
      • Agora Server
        • Software
        • Web interface
        • Interlink procedures
        • Accessed by browser
        • Python and Flask server
        • Points to a root repository and with those resources attempt to find the patterns and pull out nodes which then get served to the user.
        • May present notes on the same node by different users across different contexts.
    • Node
      • High level entity
      • Location on the knowledge graph
      • Can hold information from multiple users and join different files
      • Node can have Subnodes by different authors.
      • Links in Nodes will be seen and link those nodes together at the Agora level.
      • Nodes are social
      • See anagora.org/nodes for visualization
      • Common patterns:
      • You can agree on a slice for a concept and then right away start coordinating - exactly like using a hashtag
        • Socail media works with hashtags to integrate into this concept.
        • Agora lets you hashtag anywhere
    • Stoas
      • Social too
      • Locaitons that act as semi public spaces
      • Set up a hedge doc that is totally anonymous.
      • Will get processed into the Angora within 30 sec.
      • Etherpad and Jitsi both can get pulled in to a Stoas.
    • Heavily uses iFrames whenever possible
    • Default empty pages are a call to action
    • How to join!
      • Take notes in your fav tool
      • Publish in platform - usually git.
      • Let an Agora maintainer know about it.
    • Wikilinks everywhere
      • Edges are [[wikilinks]] which refer to other nodes as found in volunteered subnodes
    • Idea of composing notes
      • Some notes have special behavior
      • [[go]] notes - #go url or [[go/foo]]
      • [[pull]] - bring in the resource at bar with #pull bar
      • [[push]] - push out the resource to foo with #push foo





| | Openness | How well does it play with other tools? How interoperable and customisable is it? | F/OSS. Use open standards. Has an API. Import/Export Allow 3rd party plugins. Available on all OSs, platforms. Supports structured data | | Note-making | How good is it as a note-making tool? | Good outliner (easy indent/outdent, reorder, fold/zoom...) Atomic note structure, block references. Zettlekasten support. | | Writing/Publishing | How good is it as a writing & publishing tool? | WYSIWYG, zen writing environment/design, editing feature set, seamless publishing system to Web, Social. | | Idea discovery | Does it help users organise and (re)discover relevant notes? | Backlinks, Good search, AI-driven content discovery | | User-friendliness | How easy is it to start benefiting from it, off the shelf? | New user can get started and get benefits without taking courses, reading 3 books and 23 blog posts, or installing a dozen plugins | | Power | How powerful, adaptable & configurable is it? | Lots of features, highly customisable, many plug-ins, queryable knowledge, etc. | | Multiplayer | Allows teamwork | Group-based collaboration: groups, permissions, workflows, version control, commenting, moderation... | | Help | Is it easy to find high-quality documentation and answers to common questions? | Well-organised onboarding, documentation & FAQ system. | | Community | Is there a supportive community around the tool | Helpful community, active 3rd party developers, etc. | | Cost | How expensive is the tool | Free, or at least a v. useful free version in a freemium model | | Data sovereignty | Who owns your data? | Your files on your PC. | 20:35 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:BlueSky protocol 20:35 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says:oops wrong paste Aram Zucker-Scharff says: https://kolektiva.social/about

20:36 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://blueskyweb.xyz/blog/10-18-2022-the-at-protocol

20:37 me says: ctzn.one -- now down probably 20:37 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Paul Frazee? 20:38 me says:yes: http://anagora.org/pfrazee

20:39 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says: https://paulfrazee.medium.com/back-to-basics-what-is-the-point-of-decentralization-a495123a1fd7

Aram Zucker-Scharff says: https://context.center/topics/cryptocurrency/#activity-pub

20:41 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:small note: I'm Twitter user # 509 Jerry Michalski says:when it was just an SMS service 😃 20:43 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says:😃 20:43 me says:Pleroma me says:Lemmy me says:Misskey? 20:44 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says: https://github.com/misskey-dev/misskey

Aram Zucker-Scharff says: https://twitter.com/Chronotope/status/1587511147137486848

20:45 me says:some interesting questions in this space: me says:1. what is the biggest overall activitypub instance? me says:2. what is the biggest which isn't mastodon based? 20:46 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:I think mastodon.social is the largest instance 20:46 me says:3. how large could a non-mastodon instance feasibly scale up to be currently? 20:46 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:advertising is the colonizing force of capitalism in internet spaces 20:47 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says:Like cohost.org is sort of pushing in that direction as well Aram Zucker-Scharff says: https://pinboard.in/ also sort of monetizes that way 20:48 me says: https://social.coop

20:48 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:guilds --> unions Jerry Michalski says:mutual aid --> cooperatives 20:50 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says:? https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/4467218-travelling-brothers?from_search=true&from_srp=true&qid=wM2PoCC5zD&rank=12 ? 20:51 me says:anti disintermediation me says:crypto is a convoluted way to define a trust root (in most applications, it seems) me says:"what are the platforms and protocols that we will take for granted 100 years from now" me says:counter anti disintermediation 😉 me says:citation needed 😉 20:54 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:full title: Travelling Brothers: The Six Centuries' Road from Craft Fellowship to Trade Unionism (1979) Jerry Michalski says:A Collective Bargain: Unions, Organizing, and the Fight for Democracy (2020) ? 20:55 me says: flancia.org/mine/flanbook is a bit about this -- coopting the machinery of capitalism for the purpose of advancing the revolution 20:56 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:oooo! 20:56 me says:commons me says:enclosure of the commons == another manifestation of capitalist colonization 20:57 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:my notes from this call: https://bra.in/3pWnJo

20:58 Aram Zucker-Scharff Aram Zucker-Scharff says:Ah i was thinking of Fight Like Hell by Kim Kelly Aram Zucker-Scharff says:I'll read that! :walking:


Attending: [[Jerry Michalski]] [[Chris Aldrich]] [[flancian]]






Matterbridge site for group communication: https://chat.collectivesensecommons.org/agora/tips


Mathew Lowry mentioned [[Mysilio]]

[[David McRaney]] (twitter) has several books:


  • #push [[fellowship of the link]]
    • remembers asking questions on (forum name missing)
    • a maybe nicer/simpler time, but points at potential
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All bridges, it seems to me, start as [[desire paths]] in the sky; like most of the interesting things we find in the space made up of the intelligently-made universe that tends to surround us (what a privilege), they were plans before they materialized.

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AIs ~ [[action items]]

Chat log

Jerry Michalski says: https://flowimmersive.com/tricast Fellow Jitster says: (note for later: Obs 27 has issues) Jerry Michalski says: https://doc.anagora.org/fellowship-of-the-link Jerry Michalski says:the book in progress: https://personalknowledgegraphs.com/#/page/Personal%20Knowledge%20Graphs mathew says:Shipping containers for thoughts https://anagora.org/ramon-llull Jerry Michalski says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Conrad_Gessner Chris Aldrich says:You want this reference Mathew: Lima, Manuel. The Book of Trees: Visualizing Branches of Knowledge, 2014. https://papress.com/products/the-book-of-trees-visualizing-branches-of-knowledge mathew says:👍 Chris Aldrich says:Some additional names for your history of knowledge list: Aristotle, Porphyry, Isidore of Seville, Lambert of Saint-Omer, R. Llull, Joachim of Fiore, F. Bacon, C. Linnaeus, R. Descartes, E. Haeckel, Thomas Harrison, Leibnitz, Beatrice Webb Jerry Michalski says: https://wiki.rel8.dev/rel8_pioneers

Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://www.rel8.dev/

20:02 me says:(feel free to queue topics in https://doc.anagora.org/fellowship-of-the-link?edit ) 20:02 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:underlay and interlay projects Jerry Michalski says:Sam Klein 20:13 me says: https://doc.anagora.org/fellowship-of-the-link?edit

20:14 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://mathewlowry.medium.com/from-personal-to-social-knowledge-graphs-a-vision-statement-draft-fc86ef4f7022

Jerry Michalski says: https://indieweb.org/Webmention

Jerry Michalski says: http://microformats.org/

Jerry Michalski says: https://blot.im/

20:34 me says:nice: https://github.com/davidmerfield/blot

me says:that exists 20:36 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:yes, I just spent some time discovering who created Blot. he hides well 20:37 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:The design and UI portions of this are definitely paramount. 20:37 mathew mathew says: https://www.otherlife.co/pkm/

20:38 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says: https://blot.im/

20:38 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://www.otherlife.co/pkm/

Jerry Michalski says: https://www.linkedin.com/in/justinmatthewmurphy/

20:38 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:The better link for that with some commentary on those who are in the note taking space: https://via.hypothes.is/https://www.otherlife.co/pkm/

20:39 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:nuggets! 20:39 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Andy Matuschak 20:39 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:nuggets, narratives and points of view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EmId2x6JSQE&feature=related

20:39 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Mathew, you should also take a look at Ward Cunningham's FedWiki spaces which are very similar to Andy's notes. Chris Aldrich says:Ward's system has a set up with those small ideas linked within a broader wiki and he's got a programatic "Markov Monkey" that traverses all these nodes on the linked graph. 20:41 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:that friendly giant vampire squid Jerry Michalski says:and I do think vampire squids have gotten a bad rap... 20:42 ~SJ ~SJ says:😃 20:42 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:FedWiki, Cult of Roam, Zettelkasten, Brain.... 20:43 me says:they should all be able to contribute to the Commons 😃 20:43 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:this is modern literacy Jerry Michalski says:how do we get everyone working/thinking this way? 20:46 mathew mathew says:FWIW, the myhub curation bookmarklet is "default publish", not "save draft". 20:47 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:FriendFeed! 20:47 mathew mathew says:😃 20:47 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:cash HC economy Jerry Michalski says:oh right! the question we asked earlier! 😃 Jerry Michalski says:what is your inbound stream? defining that Jerry Michalski says:from all sources 20:49 me says:like an [[agora view]] 20:49 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:easy to curate 20:49 mathew mathew says: https://miro.medium.com/max/1400/1*FbdJHEnIedP3xTjNO70JUA.png

20:49 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:I want the [[agora as a service]] so I can have my own, but with out the admin tax and overhead. 20:49 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Knowledge Navigator's assistants 20:51 mathew mathew says:So do we need to be building tools for Adversarial Interoperability 20:52 me says:+1 me says:there's two possible assistants mentioned in the Agora currently that I know of: [[socrates]] (a teacher) and [[robofriend]] (a maintainer) 20:53 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:nice! Jerry Michalski says: https://www.eff.org/deeplinks/2019/10/adversarial-interoperability

20:55 me says:"having a somewhere" me says:knowledge contexts 20:55 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://www.thebigfungus.org/

Jerry Michalski says:that's one of my wheres; the other is my Brain Jerry Michalski says:intimacy gradient Jerry Michalski says:maps to who gets to see what Jerry Michalski says:link to the piece, Chris? Jerry Michalski says: https://indieweb.org/Microsub

Jerry Michalski says:View-Master Jerry Michalski says:HMW really use power tools well? Jerry Michalski says:composability Jerry Michalski says:bespoke vs off the shelf Jerry Michalski says: https://micro.blog/

21:03 me says:what I'd like to do is fund services where you can pay for others as well me says:as in, you pay $20 for micro.blog and that way three other people don't have to pay 21:05 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:nice Jerry Michalski says:pay it forward Jerry Michalski says: https://notes.andymatuschak.org/z2QvtE9w5zs49x7WUeG8Ut1vywHDLiG2Wkm9p

21:06 me says:(need to go in about five minutes) 21:08 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says: https://indieweb.org/social_reader

Chris Aldrich says: https://indieweb.org/Microsub

Chris Aldrich says:For the [[adversarial interoperability]] fans: https://granary.io/

Chris Aldrich says:Here's that Webmention notification on my site from Andy's: https://boffosocko.com/2021/07/03/differentiating-online-variations-of-the-commonplace-book-digital-gardens-wikis-zettlekasten-waste-books-florilegia-and-second-brains/#comment-351147

Chris Aldrich says: https://indieweb.org/Micro.blog

21:12 mathew mathew says:that's absolutely the mysilio business model mathew says:(thinking tool on Solid pods) 21:13 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:this is, after all, the FoTL 21:14 mathew mathew says:😃 21:14 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:it's links all the way down 21:14 mathew mathew says:link s primary, the rest is context 21:14 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:This post has a short video that gives an overview of how social readers and webmention work in conjunction with one's website using small building blocks loosely joined: https://boffosocko.com/2021/04/26/a-twitter-of-our-own-at-oerxdomains-2021-conference/

21:15 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:mycelial interconnections Jerry Michalski says:yes! 21:15 me says:a [[fungus view]]? me says:or a personalized [[portal]]


19:05 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://chat.collectivesensecommons.org/agora/channels/ogm-fellowship-of-the-link

Jerry Michalski says: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1RAourQe_MKh0uWomLsS_V5ea3zm30g8paE49X56jIHs/edit

Jerry Michalski says: https://www.fellowshipofthelink.org/

19:12 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says: christopherjaldrich@gmail.com is probably a good email address for that 19:13 Diego Diego says: delahera@gmail.com

19:14 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://bra.in/4jXVP2

19:20 me says:that's [[rel8]]? 19:31 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Does The Brain have a feed coming out of it to be able to find recent things someone else has put into it? 19:33 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:nyet. I asked Harlan for an RSS feed 15 years ago. still doesn't have one Jerry Michalski says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephen_Toulmin#The_Toulmin_model_of_argument

Jerry Michalski says:Instathink? 19:40 me says:pixelfed 😃 plus mastodon with annotations 19:40 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:oh! one more project to describe: Think Camp 19:40 me says:and pixelfed and mastodon interop 😉 19:40 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:watch parties Jerry Michalski says:we're drowning in the infotorrent Jerry Michalski says:turning streams into gardens Jerry Michalski says: https://docdrop.org/video/XnoN7mCu9Yg/

Jerry Michalski says: https://bra.in/5pxdW6

19:48 Diego Diego says:lindylearn 19:49 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://lindylearn.io/blogs ?? 19:50 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Jerry, closer to this: https://annotations.lindylearn.io/new/

19:51 me says: https://lindylearn.substack.com/ has some background 19:51 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:annotation tools https://bra.in/6qaBmj

Jerry Michalski says:reminder: I playfully bought this domain for these projects: https://www.playnz.dev/

Jerry Michalski says:also 😃 Jerry Michalski says:re the planes that Diego is describing Jerry Michalski says:I also like that the Big Fungus indirectly points to psilocybin... 19:55 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:The indieweb has explored the idea of mushrooms and a mycelium network Chris Aldrich says:which is a similar sort of analogy to what we're discussing 19:56 Diego Diego says:what is the problem of how to resolve them? 19:56 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:is this about content addressability? Jerry Michalski says:love that, Chris Jerry Michalski says:is Tantek still in the middle of the indieweb? Jerry Michalski says:if so, he's an old acquaintance. we can invite him in 19:58 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Tantek is definitely in the center and on a daily basis. 19:58 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:schweet!

Chat and Polls Chat Polls Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Ida Josefiina 20:05 Marc-Antoine Parent Marc-Antoine Parent says:that's a lot of us 😃 20:05 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says: https://uk.linkedin.com/in/ida-josefiina-40824a75

Peter Kaminski says:"X-Risk" https://mitpress.mit.edu/9781913029845/x-risk/

20:06 Marc-Antoine Parent Marc-Antoine Parent says: https://www.supermind.design/database

20:07 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Supermind in my Brain: https://bra.in/4qEXDK

20:07 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Signal_strength_and_readability_report

Peter Kaminski says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Apgar_score (1952) 20:10 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Apgar Score (1952 Appearance, Pulse, Grimace, Activity, Respiration) 20:10 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says: https://eastgate.com/Tinderbox/

20:10 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tinderbox_(application_software)

Jerry Michalski says:Mark Bernstein Jerry Michalski says:who wrote this in 1988: http://www.eastgate.com/garden/Enter.html ! 20:11 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says: http://www.eastgate.com/storyspace/index.html

20:14 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Storyspace

20:14 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says:"Familiar hypertext tools support calligraphic hypertext, hypertext that begins without links and lets the writer link things that should be connected. Storyspace 3 adds sculptural hypertext tools as well. Sculptural hypertext begins with densely linked bundles like decks of cards, from which the reader might select pages in any sequence. But Storyspace hypertexts aren’t just random: writers can remove links and enforce constraints so the hypertext organizes itself. Sculptural hypertext encourages painterly narrative in which the writer controls what she knows to be necessary while relaxing control over the reader when control might not be needed." 20:14 Fellow Jitster Fellow Jitster says:(taking notes in https://doc.anagora.org/fellowship-of-the-link , but I started late) 20:18 Marc-Antoine Parent Marc-Antoine Parent says: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AY6y-uHUQE82zfLgwZLk29VPTaI1P5AMo6HT8zz1WDU/edit

20:18 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:this is the spreadsheet where we tested the radar chart, with some dimensions: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1hY2V5NoSS713R2wzcjBE2q5KZIlfMOPFtL9g6Gaop_o/edit#gid=0

20:19 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says:Here is our project planning/coordination wiki (short-term URL, obviously): "Project plan - Mapping the thinking tool landscape with collective intelligence" https://dainty-sable-264aa3.netlify.app/project/project_plan

20:19 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Flancian is on a roller coaster! 20:20 me says:haha, joined from the office today so away from my better tested equipment 😉 20:20 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says: https://www.scrintal.com/

20:22 jackpark jackpark says: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1m56SHPGgeFfB_3ToO9-VB9Yu266wtS5-9xlwaFeJ68k/edit?usp=sharing is a link to a user's manual for LiteNet which is a topic map-based pkm - I don't push it because it needs more work. jackpark says:scrintal just sent me an invite to join 20:23 Marc-Antoine Parent Marc-Antoine Parent says: https://lu.ma/tftrocks-oct22

20:23 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:T4T interop 20:25 jackpark jackpark says:By way of the superminds youtube, discovered this https://www.gyanai.com/

20:26 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Gyan founder is Joy Dasgupta Jerry Michalski says:one version of Marc-Antoine explaining HyperKnowledge: https://hyperknowledge.org/HyperKnowledge.mp4

20:29 jackpark jackpark says: https://www.linkedin.com/in/joy-dasgupta-67722833/

20:29 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:Who needs word police when we can go "full Humpty Dumpty": "When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean – neither more or less."—H. Dumpty (via Lewis Carroll) 20:29 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:Calvinball for words! 20:29 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says: https://boffosocko.com/2011/08/16/meaning-according-to-humpty-dumpty/

20:30 Peter Kaminski Peter Kaminski says:non sequitur, Nick Milo has had two really good PKM / LYT conferences this year (consider getting on one of his mailing lists to hear about more). The conferences are free and have recordings. Peter Kaminski says: https://www.linkingyourthinking.com/conference

Peter Kaminski says: https://www.linkingyourthinking.com/idea-exchange-conference

20:30 jackpark jackpark says: https://twitter.com/the_LYT_way

20:33 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:For [[deep backlinks]], [[Kevin Marks]] has some interesting/useful prior art that is working in a few places on the web: https://indieweb.org/fragmention

20:39 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:I kept misreading it as "fragmentation" it's frag mention! Jerry Michalski says:tx, Chris Jerry Michalski says:superforecasters 😃 Jerry Michalski says:rating assertions over time for their accuracy Jerry Michalski says:including the cost of lives lost Jerry Michalski says:actuarial? Jerry Michalski says:heresy! hashtags are not enough 20:50 me says:lexon 20:59 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says: http://lexon.tech/

20:59 Marc-Antoine Parent Marc-Antoine Parent says: http://www.lexon.tech/

20:59 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:more precise, hidden speech Jerry Michalski says:codes Jerry Michalski says:coded speech Jerry Michalski says:what's the right term for coded speech? I'm not finding the right things Jerry Michalski says:Coded Language? 21:04 Marc-Antoine Parent Marc-Antoine Parent says:how is it different from dog whistle? 21:04 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:dog whistle is a type of this more general term Jerry Michalski says:the recording stopped spontaneously at the hour. I have a file w the recording here. but no notice, etc. 😦 21:07 Chris Aldrich Chris Aldrich says:there's also [[code switching]] which is a cultural identity flavor of this 21:08 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:well, that didn't work. it stopped on its own, almost immediately Jerry Michalski says:guess we can't record >60 mins Jerry Michalski says:or maybe it takes two different users Jerry Michalski says:and my Brain! and my Brain! 21:10 me says:I'm working on ogm.agor.ai 😉 21:10 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:I get site can't be reached there 21:11 me says:it's not up yet ,sorry -- but I do have agor.ai , the idea is to run different agoras in different subdomains 21:11 Jerry Michalski Jerry Michalski says:aaah 21:11 Type a message

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Welcome to [[FOTL]] threads!

This document is meant to capture high level discussion [[threads]] we want to pursue in the [[fellowship of the link]] meetings.

Usually threads will be seeded in live discussion and transported here from [[fellowship of the link]] or [[fotl]] meeting minutes.



  • from [[2022-10-26]]
    • [[flancian]] have been meaning to collect a list of repositories which we would like integrate into a shared construct (agora wink wink) -- do you have any?
      • [[peter kaminski]] massive wiki is agnostic w.r.t. versioning and sharing models (or tries to be)
      • do you have note repositories of your own, personal or otherwise?
        • [[peter kaminski]] have one but not currently shareable :)
        • AI: suggest we keep discussing this in future instances
          • [[sister sites]], sister pages
          • twin pages
          • interwiki
          • web rings :)
          • wiki [[collaboration primitives]]
          • Instant wikilinks / cascading wikisheets: implicit interwiki resolution (a la https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/InstantCommons) :: make the local .cws legible so you can see the order in which your current interface looks for matching nodes in choosing the default interwiki
            • try variation that chooses cascade order based on length/quality of target node
            • try interface variation that shows top N options in asymmetric list/pie
          • [[fedwiki]] is brilliant but the feeling of the room is that we don't fully understand it
          • sj: update vocab to distinguish meki from wiki
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I run a lightweight implementation of Go Links on the /go/ URL space. Basically anything under https://flancia.org/go/ is a redirect to a URL somewhere on the internet. Think of it as open, lightweight social bookmarking.

The Go Links idea is very popular in many companies. It originated at Google. I think it might catch on in the wider internet as well.

If you'd like to implement Go Links on your domain, there's two ways I could currently recommend. Read on.

Use HTTP redirects.

The geekier way. Simplest and quickest to set up if you like stuff like writing your own Apache/Nginx configs. Basically just set up redirects in /go/, done.

TODO: link my live nginx configuration/redirect list?

Use Trotto Go Links.

See https://flancia.org/go/trotto :)


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