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Welcome to the [[Agora]]!

Ahoy there!

This [[Agora]] is a [[wiki like]] [[experimental social network]] and [[distributed knowledge graph]].

  • /nodes lists all [[pages]] in this Agora.
    • A [[node]] is the set of all notes and resources with a given title or otherwise mapping to an [[entity description]]. Subnodes (blocks) in a node can come from a variety of sources; they are resources volunteered by Agora users through their independent [[repositories]]. As of August 2021, these are mostly notes from [[digital gardens]].
    • /latest shows nodes by modification time.
  • /users displays all users in this Agora. Click through to see their contributions.
    • /journals displays all subnodes that look like they belong to a daily entry (these are subnodes whose filenames look like dates, such as YYYY-MM-DD).

The [[wikilink]] is the heart of this [[Agora]]: wikilinks serve as a tool to indicate a social [[context]] assembled out of individual and group contributions. In this Agora, [[foo bar]] will resolve to every resource that identifies with entity 'foo'; in particular, currently every file named foo-bar.md, foo-bar.jpg, foo-bar.png, etc. An Agora tries to best-effort integrate user contributions while preserving meaning and volunteering interesting information. You can also think of it as a [[sequential wiki]].

If you'd like to join this Agora, please refer to [[agora signup]]. If you'd like to run your own Agora, please refer to [[agora install]] and/or reach out to [[flancian]], the maintainer.

If you're interested in knowing what's coming next, please refer to [[agora plan]] or join [[flancia collective]].

Have a nice day!

Here we are in the [[index]] of my [[digital garden]] -- which serves, by extension, as an entry point to the [[Agora of Flancia]].

If you are reading this in an [[Agora]] proper, you should see it rendered surrounded by several other indexes -- potentially one for each user contributing to the Agora, in some order :) If you are reading this in [[git]] or an only partially supported editor, please visit anagora.org or some other well-known Agora to render this with resolved links and full context :).

You can add your own contributions to the index of any Agoras you participate in by adding a resource like index.md to your [[garden]] or [[stoa]]. More in general, resources matching a particular title will show up in matching nodes or Agora locations.

Please see [[how to edit this Agora]] below if you're interested in contributing or [[how to run an Agora]] for instructions for running your own.


A [[node]] is a collection of [[resources]] having to do with a topic; a [[thing]] or an [[idea]] or whatever you want it to be.

The following are maybe interesting nodes to serve as entry points to this garden, and to the Agora at large.

  • [[Person]]: contains links to nodes about [[people]].
  • [[Agora]]: I write about the Agora often, in the Agora of course :) This node, like all and the Agora proper, is a [[work in progress]] -- but it should be a reasonable starting point to understand what the [[Agora]] is and what it tries to achieve.
  • [[Commons]]: the [[Free]] [[Commons]] is an ideal that the Agora tries to uphold and represent for the benefit of its users and all sentient beings. A lot of my writing has to do with the Commons in one way or another.
  • #go: you can find in the context links to nodes which contain a URL marked as canonical for the topic in question. It is an example of an [[Agora action]] which [[redirects]] to these URLs on demand.

Beyond checking the resources in the nodes proper (mostly text notes), remember to check for [[links]] in and out of each context established through use.


How to contribute to this Agora

If you like to take personal notes (recommended)

See [[Agora editors]] for alternatives. I ([[Flancian]]) currently recommend:

Then sign up for a [[git]] provider, like https://codeberg.org (or the better known and decent but corporate-run https://github.com), upload your garden to it (this yields the nice side effect of keeping it backed up but under your control!) and send us its location and your desired username. See [[Agora signup]] for more.

If you prefer to contribute from social media

You can also contribute straight from the [[Fediverse]] once you get an account in a server (e.g. one providing [[Mastodon]] to a community, or one you run yourself). I am part of and help run [[social.coop]]; it is a good one if you are interested in [[cooperativism]]. There's thousands more! See [[Map of the Fediverse]] for more.

Once you sign up to the [[Fediverse]], you can follow [[@agora@botsin.space]] and it will watch your posts for [[wikilinks]]. You can configure the bot to include the full text of your post or only links; and to also include, and respond to, post with #hashtags.

If you just want to write down something quickly and don't care about attribution

Consider just leaving an anonymous note anywhere around the [[Agora]] in a [[stoa]], which is a public space meant for collaboration (think [[wiki]] or shared editor) available in each [[node]].

For more

Please [[reach out]] if you want to try [[note taking]] or the [[Fediverse]], regardless of whether you would like to contribute your notes to the [[Agora]]; if you have any questions; or if you need [[help]] in general!

If you remember one thing, remember this: [[In Flancia there is an Agora]] :)

-> [[Agora Development]] [[Agora Discuss]]


Back here on [[2024-03-18]], after I thought: [[throw a nine]]. I have been playing with dice with [[Lady Burup]] :)

If you remember some other words from all I write, remember these: [[Maitreya]], [[Tara]], [[Avalokiteshvara]]!

The front page to my [[digital-garden]]. Hi mom!

[[Agora Digital Garden]]




[[Digital garden]] serving as my [[interface]] to any [[Agora server]] which has a [[contract]] compatible with [[Anagora]]'s.

[[About me]] ([[Jayu]])



Licensing Info

Agora Digital Garden by Jayu EleuthΓ©ria is licensed under Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Waste of time

Welcome to the [[digital-garden]]* of [[ankostis]].

  • [[inbox]] - a place to write down quick notes to be categorized later
  • [[todo]] - a place to keep track of things to do
  • [[PKDB]] - Personal Knowledge Database setup & TODOs
  • [[Freedom]] - Liberation of the human race from itself
* this garden is based on foam.

This is my space for Notes, saving and highlighting Articles and other Links.

Recent Blog Posts

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Recent Journals

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You can browse current and past [[Projects]]. These are mainly small [[Vancouver]] focused things, I'm pretty busy as the founder of [[Fission]].

Starting with the [[Startup]] note, there are various operations guides, products, and recommendations to explore.

If I haven't sent it to you already, you should read [[When Tailwinds Vanish: The Internet in the 2020s]].

The [[Gumroad No Full Time Employees]] article is also a good read.


Latest post from blog.bmannconsulting.com:

<script type="text/javascript" src="https://micro.blog/sidebar.js?username=boris&count=1">

Hey, I'm Jake.

I like old tools and simple ideas.

Check out my notesfor more.

Matthew's Index

Hi, I'm Matthew Thomas ([[@mwt/identity]]) you can find my things at [[@mwt/README]].

Hello, this index exists just for the Agora.

I'm Ryan. You can contact me at ryf@sent.as

This knowledge graph is a work in progress that will eventually become a specification for the unrival protocol.

Unrival is a protocol that can be used to create bottom-up, distributed social credit networks. These networks can track the credibility of their member agents, whose actions may lead to accumultation or loss of credit (a proxy for credibility).

Agents of disjoint networks with very different notions of credibility -- divided by political or religious differences, for example -- can nonetheless exchange credit, because Unrival ledgers implement the recursive credit-commons-protocol.

The intended effect is the rectification-of-names. In colloquial terms, this means making sure things are what they say they are (at least within the confines of an Unrival network)

Ultimately, the goal is to create a foundation for effective decentralized governance. We believe in rules over rulers. And since Unrival is adaptive, principles over rules.

To learn more, have a look at the whitepaper: https://github.com/unrival-protocol/documentation/blob/main/source/whitepaper.org

To contribute, please get in touch with: dvdgdnjsph at gmail dot com

[flancia social impact]: flancia social impact.md "flancia social impact" [//end]: # "Autogenerated link references"

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