📚 node [[2022 05 27]]
  • Love a [[friday]] :)
    • Noding this from [[wiki vim]], which I've been using exclusively since yesterday.
    • [[logseq]] people did get back to me over Twitter and it turns out that the latest [[logseq]] contains performance improvements, so I plan to use both in parallel :)
  • [[social coop]]
  • #push [[work]]
    • Need to book travel.
    • Need to renew my ESTA.
    • And more which I shouldn't write about here :)
  • #push [[human]]
    • (is this a verb? :))
    • coffee with [[g]] if we can agree on a time
    • talk to [[a]]
    • talk to [[b]]
    • talk to [[j]].
    • talked to [[jz]].
  • [[vera]] told me about [[lucidrains]]
  • [[the agora of flancia]]
  • [[archive]]
  • [[move]]
    • fixed playlist order
    • want to [[unhack]] in the sense of automatically support go/x/n for any x with items, direct or in a [[playlist]]
    • #push do
      • [[flash]] -- check how to flash messages, and use it to tell the user what's happening?
        • [[flash then redirect]] sounds useful, it's what I've been wanting to implement for [[go links]] when there's more than one #go in a node
        • you should be able to cancel/override the redirect
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