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From the Github README:

Indiekit is a small but powerful server that acts as the go-between your website and the wider independent web.

  • Publish content to your website using apps like [[iAWriter]], [[Micro.blog]], Icro, Indigenous or services that support the [[Micropub]] API
  • Syndicate your content to social networks like Twitter, Mastodon and LinkedIn, and save posts to the Internet Archive
  • Accept likes, comments and other types of feedback on your content with Webmention
  • Save files to different content stores such as Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab and Gitea
  • Highly configurable, with presets available for common static site generators such as Jekyll and Hugo.
  • Localisable, with initial support for English, French and German.

Written in [[NodeJS]] and licensed under an [[MIT License]], authored by @paulrobertlloyd. Set up for [[Deploy to Heroku]].

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