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Problem: no matter what I do, I always seem to end up with 400+ tabs and no good procedure to garbage collect. I want [[tabfs]] to be part of the solution here, as it lets you run things like rm *Twitter*, but for some reason it stopped working again for me. So now I need to decide whether to invest time in getting it working again or doing more manual work; I seem to get one or two of these decisions a day as of late. Things can always be improved.

Thought: security and hackability are in tension. Security can be used as an excuse to reduce hackability; you could call that "appeal to security". It can work a bit like "think of the children" -- and, like it, sometimes it makes sense and sometimes it doesn't.


22:38 moving away from this wiki

i have been and need to build a system to move away from this system; plaintext just isn't cutting it anymore.

however, i need something to use practically daily to take notes, so this is that.

recent tips

align the four cores: apple, chest, stomach, and pubic bone should all align to form a straight line.

ask why someone feels good
not just when they say 'bad' to 'how are you' - we should be equally interested in their positive experiences!

some threads to come back to

<https://twitter.com/thesephist/status/1243871452656545792 ?s=03> <https://twitter.com/david_perell/status/1399210396310020096 ?s=03>

23:17 learning from railway


  • post daily wraps: what did you do previously? what are you going to do tomorrow? just post sometime during the day!
  • minimize recurring meetings! we don't need a lot of them because they're distracting!
  • use one service as a central hub, and have automated status updating
  • discord: sync, super low resistance to hopping into other calls, tools or things; Linear: personal tast queue of tasks with definite acceptance criteria: imminent async; Notion: indefinite async and everything that has to do with long term documentation!

23:19 reward

how to get into stimulants (concretely)? note: not healthy until my diet has stabilized!

narratives: write them and keep writing them! gain depth inwards, because depth inwards and truly understanding your own interactions and motivations empowers you to do anything with true conviction

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