📚 node [[2022 10 31]]
  • [[work]]
    • took the morning off, which was great; I loved starting Monday "on my terms". I meditated, bootstrapped some things around the house, etc.
    • looking to finish work at 7pm and transitioning to...
      • (this was more like 8pm)
  • [[social coop]]
    • [[tech working group]] meeting
      • nobody else showed up for a while, I left early and thus I missed on someone else joining! morale: stay for a while longer next time.
    • and then...
      • I wanted to continue with the following, but I instead felt very low energy and a bit sad.
      • and I realized I needed to work on social.coop [[cwg]] issues and do some money transfers related to the project instead of working on the Agora tonight.
  • [[agora]] (probably tomorrow)
    • [[agora chapter]]
      • continue resolving comments, mainly transforming remaining bullet point hierarchies to long form text.
      • write a short section on similar projects.
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