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September 21st, 2020

  • https://twitter.com/flancian/status/1307944473960370177 ?s=09 [[tsunduku]]

  • [[Ikko Tanaka]]

  • I need to find that email from the [[SP]] party member and get back to them, they were kind.

  • [[QAnon]] is really crazy.

  • [[idea]] separate '[[TODO]]' and '[[read]]' more clearly. Perhaps also [[buy]].

  • [[goto.coop]] is available. Need to a cooperative to register it, though. And perhaps there's no need: [[social.coop]] could run a go links service.

  • [[go links]] [[Flanbook]] [[Siphons]] all interact: if people used go links for their social media URLs, they could easily repoint when they switch platforms!

  • Write [[A Naive Plan for a Freer Internet]] for [[social.coop]]: [[go links]] + [[Athens]]+ [[Mastodon]]+ [[ActivityPub]] / backlinking + [[Siphons]] as per [[Flanbook]].

  • [[Offline Twitter]]

    • TIL about [[Ted Nelson]]'s https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Literary_Machines
    • Imagine the productivity boost the world would have if [[Chrome]]'s built in PDF viewer was a bit better: supported annotations (ideally social), docs-like comments, even just remembered where in the PDF you left off on your last visit.
    • Want to set up a [[Twitter]]->[[Mastodon]][[Siphon]]. Is anybody working on this? (cross post to [[social.coop]])
    • Constructive procrastination (e.g. when you procrastinate on urgent tasks by doing less urgent, but still useful, tasks) feels a lot like flow. Flow fueled by quanta of fear and anger.
    • I feel that, as I integrate my personality, I'm becoming weirder; I like it. It makes sense if you think about it: by integrating N profiles I'm incorporating a wider variety of traits -- thus increasing variance, which likely reduces predictability. One possible outcome: people will like me less (see [[predictable identities]]). I'm willing to take that chance. Let's see how far I can get.
    • Idea: a CLI for the free internet.
      • Perhaps Ipython/colab based to begin. Perhaps a browser extension eventually.
      • Lets you interact with the free internet, that is, that which has open APIs/is not part of a walled garden: Wikipedia. Mastodon. Matrix. Agora.
      • Lets you drive data exchange between supported properties easily; think UNIX pipes.
    • TOL = Thinking Out Loud. A spirit.
      • Cue "school spirit" by Kanye.
    • Flow feels a lot like meditation, indeed.
      • It feels like your brain has reached, or is about to reach, a destination. Like approaching it in the limit, perhaps.
  • [[Quick Capture]]


Finished: A Closed and Common Orbit

I finished [[A Closed and Common Orbit]] by [[Becky Chambers]] recently. I loved it. There's something very lovely about Becky Chambers' sci-fi - it's much more touching and emotional than a lot that I've read. I felt quite emotional at the ending of this one - it's so full of heart and compassion.

WikiWeb and Roam multiplayer

Roam is now [talking about 'multiplayer'](https://twitter.com/Conaw/status/1307107745397604354 ). I'm presuming this means linking between individuals' wikis. I like the idea of [[interlinking wikis]], but imagining it's going to be pretty closed in Roam.

Bill Seitz has lots of ideas about a more open WikiWeb.

aka Wiki Sphere; parallel to BlogWeb, the universe of (clusters of) WikiSpaces

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