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Voice recorded notes for hands free thinking? [[mycroft]]

[2020-07-01] Share Compose configurations between files and projects | Docker Documentation [[docker]]

attempting to overcome read-only editable packages… [[python]] [[pip]]

  • this works… but doesn't if setup.py is guarded with main

    import distutils.core as C; C.run_setup("setup.py", stop_after='config')

    could check for name == 'builtins'… but then would need to modify all files, and might not reliably work

  • can't just copy setup.py outside, because it might need .git directory for scmversion thing

  • adding to easyinstall.pth works.. but need to figure out what's the base pkg directory…

  • ok, added a hacky script to infra repo

Koreader https://github.com/koreader/koreader [[remarkable]]

For a better PDF experience, you might want to try 'koreader'. The native PDF support on my Kobo Forma was so bad I was ready to return it, before finding this. It's an open source PDF/epub reader that you can install on Remarkable and other eInk readers. It's just an app - it doesn't replace or degrade any existing functionality.

Use zstd? [[exports]]

huh, huginn is pretty well documented and also very clean interface. could get inspiration from it… [[inspiration]]

[2019-06-29] frenck/awesome-home-assistant: A curated list of amazingly awesome Home Assistant resources.


trying out podman [[docker]] [[podman]]

apparently can't run without the default command?

podman-compose --file docker-compose.yml run --rm ghexport python3                                                                                                                                                     mc 12:02:53
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/karlicos/.local/bin/podman-compose", line 8, in <module>
  File "/home/karlicos/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/podman_compose.py", line 1093, in main
  File "/home/karlicos/.local/lib/python3.8/site-packages/podman_compose.py", line 624, in run
    cmd = self.commands[cmd_name]
TypeError: unhashable type: 'list'

here? https://github.com/containers/podman-compose/issues/24
can't see if they have a CI?

overlay mounts over read-only FS work as long there is a dir (even empty) in the src? [[docker]]

e.g. create empty nodemodules

it's maybe the same tag as homelab? [[homelab]]

scripts to grab stuff from phone to other locations? [[phone]]

[2020-07-07] When would I use docker-compose's "–service-ports" flag? - DevOps Stack Exchange [[docker]]

To start the service to run in the background you use docker-compose -f <FILE> up --detach but if you wanted to look inside the container using a terminal, you would run docker-compose run bash.

[2020-05-26] brig - decentralized & secure synchronization — brig v0.4.0-beta documentation [[cloud]]

Simplified git version control only limited by your storage space.
Synchronization algorithm that can handle moved files and empty directories and files.
Your data does not need to be stored on the device you are currently using.
FUSE filesystem that feels like a normal sync folder.
No central server at all. Still, central architectures can be build with brig.
Gateway and Web based UI to share normal HTTP/S links with other users.
Auto-updating facility that will sync on any change.

[2020-09-11] GUI, Core Update, and Dev Sync Videos! [[mycroft]]

GUI now available on Ubuntu and Manjaro
If you have Mycroft running on the latest (K)Ubuntu or Manjaro releases, you can now install the Alpha release of the Mycroft GUI powered by Qt and Kirigami. Simply use the same basic commands used to install mycroft-core.

[2020-12-20] Bridge setup with Docker · tulir/mautrix-facebook Wiki [[matrix]]

    Pull the new version (setup step 1)
    Start the new version (setup step 7)

[2020-12-20] Bridge setup with Docker · tulir/mautrix-facebook Wiki [[matrix]]

ugh. kinda annoying it's running as root

[2019-05-16] I made a self-hosted personal Last.fm alternative with support for custom artwork, multiple artists per track and self-defined rules for metadata correction /r/selfhosted [[music]]

[2020-01-18] bb4242/sdnotify: A pure Python implementation of systemd's service notification protocol (sdnotify) – can be used for watchdog? [[infra]] [[systemd]]


replace backoff with that other thing? [[arctee]] [[infra]]

backups/hypothesis/hypothesis20200705T190129Z.json is malformed. check how my infra responds to this [[promnesia]] [[infra]]

[2020-01-12] Deploy your side-projects at scale for basically nothing – Google Cloud Run [[hpi]] [[promnesia]] [[project]]


[2020-08-15] can deploy docker container and run?

figure out unmatching origin/master? always check it even without fetch?? [[clustergit]]

[2019-08-18] Elasticlunr.js, lightweight full-text search engine in Javascript for browser search and offline search. [[search]]

I think I'm using it in scrapyroo.. perhaps I should index all my git repos?

[2019-09-01] vinta/awesome-python: A curated list of awesome Python frameworks, libraries, software and resources [[search]]


fuzzywuzzy - Fuzzy String Matching.

[2019-06-29] mark-rushakoff/awesome-influxdb: A curated list of awesome projects, libraries, tools, etc. related to InfluxDB https://github.com/mark-rushakoff/awesome-influxdb

compare how similar pipeline in python would look? [[huginn]] [[ideas]]

introspection is certainly way worse! dry run etc are amazing
how can we bring Python programming experience closer to this?

isso got some nice helper scripts like su-exec and tini [[docker]]

figure out how to notify from phone [[phone]]

[2019-09-21] Friz-zy/awesome-linux-containers: A curated list of awesome Linux Containers frameworks, libraries and software [[sandbox]]


    Firejail is a SUID sandbox program that reduces the risk of security breaches by restricting the running environment of untrusted applications using Linux namespaces, seccomp-bpf and Linux capabilities.

[2019-06-11] compression - Difference between –xz and –lzma in GNU tar? - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


This options control which external binary tar calls for compressing its data stream: lzma and xz respectively. While both of them uses the same compression algorithm by default, xz is considered more up-to-date and feature rich, with lzma being somewhat legacy tool. Modern version of xz-utils provides both commands, with lzma being an 'alias' for xz --format=lzma (man xz).

tini is used in airsonic [[docker]]

[2020-03-18] remarkable: What's their portability story? I don't want my personal knowledge store to be l… | Hacker News [[remarkable]]


Not great, you can only officially export PDF, PNG, or SVG, though their cloud management does seem to work really well and as I understand, files are stored locally on each device once synced.
That said, it runs linux so you could conceivably backup the files yourself. You can ssh into your tablet, run sftp, w/e. But they are in some proprietary .lines format.
There's a wiki with more details (the file format stuff is further down): https://remarkablewiki.com/tech/filesystem <button class="pull-url" value="https://remarkablewiki.com/tech/filesystem">pull</button>
It may be possilbe you could hack it to run xournal, but I've no idea.

[2020-06-18] Broken by default: why you should avoid most Dockerfile examples

If you want fast builds, you want to rely on Docker’s layer caching. But by copying in the file before running pip install, all later layers are invalidated—this image will be rebuilt from scratch every time.

[2020-02-08] Haskell for all: Why Dhall advertises the absence of Turing-completeness [[configs]]


Why Dhall advertises the absence of Turing-completeness

[2020-08-22] use chronic (by default cron spams with stdout/stderr)

I use `chronic` in almost all of my cron jobs so that cron sends me an email with the output only if the command has a return code of != 0.

[2020-01-25] tmuxinator/tmuxinator: Manage complex tmux sessions easily


[2020-02-20] backup - Basic rsync command for bit-identical copies - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange


So this is the basic command to make the destination identical to the source (absent hard links, ACLs and extended attributes):

rsync -a --delete SOURCE/ DESTINATION/

[2020-04-19] QRCP: Transfer files to mobile device by scanning a QR code from the terminal | Hacker News

Even though Ahrens argues that there neither can nor should be any overview, I disobediently wrote another script to make an SVG image of it using GraphViz. I originally had it generating PNGs but they rapidly got too large. Here’s what the whole system looks like as of this morning:

in context

[2020-04-05] Start all of your commands with a comma (2009) | Hacker News


[2020-01-09] Canop/broot: A new way to see and navigate directory trees


[2020-04-01] Jitsi Meet: An open source alternative to Zoom | Hacker News


[2020-10-12] jarun/nnn: n³ The unorthodox terminal file manager.

[2020-10-05] tridactyl/tridactyl: A Vim-like interface for Firefox, inspired by Vimperator/Pentadactyl. [[vim]]

[2020-04-25] naelstrof/slop: slop (Select Operation) is an application that queries for a selection from the user and prints the region to stdout. [[exports]]

NixOS: slop

[2020-07-02] benefit of compose – builds automatically, so very easy to run stuff [[docker]]

[2020-07-01] ok, using explicit type: bind shows warning when source dir doesn't exist [[docker]]

[2019-12-03] TLDR Digital Safety Checklist [[security]]


[2019-07-27] shell into image docker run -it –entrypoint /bin/bash circleci/python:latest [[docker]]

[2019-08-24] systemd.unit


Note that systemctl reset-failed will cause the restart rate counter for a service to be flushed

[2019-01-25] LTD-Beget/sprutio: Beget File Manager App (two-panel)

holy crap, that's elaborate!

[2019-06-01] last updated 2 years ago…

[2018-09-29] huginn/huginn: Create agents that monitor and act on your behalf. Your agents are standing by! [[selfhosted]]


[2018-10-05] hmm, interesting, kinda like open source ifttt. Wonder if I can come up to any decent uses?

[2019-09-08] How can I add a volume to an existing Docker container? - Stack Overflow [[docker]]


You can commit your existing container (that is create a new image from container’s changes) and then run it with your new mounts.

[2019-05-03] Nested folders - Support - Syncthing Forum [[syncthing]]


Ildar Yusupov
Jul '18
I see use case of nested folders: one folder shared with first computer and nested folder shared with second and never both folders shared with the same computer - because first folder is enough.

Jakob Borg
Syncthing Maintainer
Jul '18
Yeah, and you can do that, and it should work fine.

[2019-05-03] nice, fork syncs pretty instantaneously [[syncthing]]

[2020-07-04] ok, so it's capable of catching up from a config file only (if you discard caches and certificates) [[syncthing]]

[2020-03-15] wow nice command to introspect everything [[systemd]] [[dbus]]

gdbus introspect -r --session --dest org.freedesktop.systemd1 --object-path /org/freedesktop/systemd1

[2020-04-06] Dhall

It's hard to take Dhall seriously because it seems like its authors don't take it seriously, and work on it for entertainment. They went through the trouble of creating bindings for five (!!) different languages, and the most popular of them, by a pretty wide margin, is Ruby. I assume Fortran, Delphi, and Idris are next on their list.

[2020-05-04] systemd, 10 years later: a historical and technical retrospective [[systemd]]

3.6. Case studies
The above may sound rather theoretical and nitpicking, so let’s illustrate with a few examples.

some good examples of systemd gotchas

ok, so syncthings seems to sync links 'as is', good [[syncthing]] [[symlink]]

so, they decided not to follow symlinks.

wonder how well it works with phone?

ok, so looks like the real folder synced, but the files are not on the phone. And it's showing 'out of sync'

https://github.com/syncthing/syncthing-android/issues/748 ok, it can be disabled in phone web ui

hmm maybe use ext4? https://forum.syncthing.net/t/does-the-android-app-synchronize-symbolic-links/9116/8

[2019-09-07] Set current host user for docker container - Faun - Medium [[docker]]


[2019-09-15] some ways of managing user permissions

[2019-09-01] How to mount encrypted LVM logical volume


[2020-01-29] Jorgen’s Weblog: Why systemd? [[systemd]]


[2020-01-28] systemd as a tradegy [[systemd]]


You know, because we knew this would be controversial we made sure it was both a compile-time option and a runtime option. Yes the upstream default of both defaults to on, but that's just upstream. We made it very easy and supported for downstream distros to switch between opt-out and opt-in of this option for their users. We have encouraged distributions to leave it on, but we were fully aware that for compatibility reasons this is something downstreams likely wanted to turn off, and most compat-minded distros did, as we expected.

Now I am used to taking blame for apparently everything that every went wrong on Linux, but you might as well blame your downstream distros for this as much you want to blame us upstream about this, as it's up to them to pick the right compile-time options matching their userbase and requirements in compatibility, and if they didn't do that to your liking, then maybe you should complain to them first.

(And yes, I still consider it a weakness of UNIX that "logout" doesn't really mean "logout", but just "maybe, please, if you'd be so kind, i'd like to exit, but not quite". I mean, that's not how you build a secure system. We fixed that really, fully knowing it would depart from UNIX tradition, but that's why we made it both compile-time and runtime configurable)

[2018-06-30] dropmeaword/kobo-aura-remote: Enable remote access on a Kobo Aura eReader [[kobo]]


[2018-09-10] Wireless gone · Issue #1 · dropmeaword/kobo-aura-remote [[kobo]]


[2017-08-10] mutt [[mail]]

  • couldn't set up html colors rendering

– apparently, no automatic filtering and folders

I guess I'm better off setting retention policy for thunderbird

[2020-06-13] ok, so in Caddy literally setting domain is enough for TLS. kinda incredible

[2018-06-10] python-daemon · PyPI


[2020-07-16] Zulip 3.0: Threaded Open Source Team Chat | Hacker News [[zulip]]

[2020-07-31] ok, Zulip is clearly really good, I think I should use it

[2019-12-20] 9 best open-source findings, November 2019 - DEV Community 👩‍💻👨‍💻 [[docker]]


Minimalistic TUI to work with docker. Supports mouse.

[2020-01-18] Cron/Anacron vs. Systemd - Ask Ubuntu


Systemd timers have some overhead to learn and setup, but provide a number of benefits. There some packages like systemd-cron and systemd-cron-next that allow you to have cron entries converted to systemd-timers, to try to provide a best-of-both-worlds solution

[2020-01-22] systemd.service


Type=oneshot is the implied default if neither Type= nor ExecStart= are specified.

[2020-02-23] Daily Life with the Offline Laptop [[offline]]


[2019-11-26] Is it possible to escalate privileges and escaping from a Docker container? - Information Security Stack Exchange [[docker]]


A user on a Docker host who has access to the docker group or privileges to sudo docker commands is effectively root (as you can do things like use docker to run a privilieged container or mount the root filesystem inside a container), which is why it's very important to control that right.

[2020-04-15] My experience with NixOS | Hacker News

My tip: don't use nix-env to install packages like it's Aptitude or Pacman, use `nix run` if you need a package temporarily, home-manager if you need a user-level package permanently, or just straight up change the configuration.nix to include the package as a system-wide one.
If you use nix-env you're just polluting your environment in an imperative way and that is pretty much going against Nix' declarative nature.

[2020-12-05] Librem 5 Mass Production Phone Has Begun Shipping | Hacker News

I've been trying to use the PinePhone as a daily driver and it simply isn't there yet: camera is slow to the point of unusable and sometimes it hard crashes when making calls.
Here's hoping that Purism has done a good job of cleaning up some of the issues in Phosh.

[2019-09-29] Kobonotes: Store all your annotations and highlights from your Kobo [[kobo]]


[2019-01-25] How do I ssh into the Kobo Aura One in 2017 - MobileRead Forums [[kobo]]


KoboLauncher has UsbNet tool (+new dropbear + new sftp-server from openssh)
P.S. Works with latest FW

[2019-01-25] How do I ssh into the Kobo Aura One in 2017 - MobileRead Forums [[kobo]]


The first way does not work with FW 4.6.9995 (or any other FW from May on). I tried it and had to do a firmware reset after it.
The 2nd way seems to be no better as the author states himself.
The reason seems to be that the inittab way doesn't seem to work anymore.
Does anyone have a KoboRoot.tgz or start script for (k)filemon stat starts dropbear along with WiFi?

[2018-10-22] robbinch/kobo-utils: SSH client for Kobo Aura One [[kobo]]


https://yingtongli.me/blog/2018/07/30/kobo-ssh.html some dropbear thing??

[2019-02-09] eh.. perhaps not worth the trouble

[2018-09-04] prefer xz over lzma (recommended by the author)

[2020-01-07] chkservice Is A systemd Unit Manager With A Terminal User Interface (New Version Available) - Linux Uprising Blog [[dron]] [[systemd]]


[2020-01-16] eh, not too useful when it's 600 services? Also can only enable/disable via interface

[2020-01-07] serman [[systemd]]


[2020-12-29] The fastest way to integrate APIs and run code - Pipedream [[infra]]

huh this is interesting… like hugginn but can write JS?

[2020-11-02] The Most Personal Device experiment [[infra]]

[2020-12-05] RSS-Bridge/rss-bridge: The RSS feed for websites missing it [[infra]] [[rss]]

[2020-12-30] indygreg/python-zstandard Request New open() method (#64) [[infra]] [[hpi]]

[2020-11-28] How to start a stopped Docker container with a different command? - Stack Overflow [[docker]]

docker commit $CONTAINER_ID user/test_image

ugh. add a script for it?

[2020-11-27] Execute a command after run · Issue #1809 · docker/compose

ugh, very annoying that there is no way to setup something…

[2020-06-01] DIYgod/RSSHub: 🍰 Everything is RSSible [[rss]]

[2020-10-25] Projects · Jean-Francois Dockes / recoll-webui · GitLab

Yeah, def need interactive diagram explaining my infra and linking different posts. That will make the whole thing easier for other people to comprehend [[toblog]] [[infra]]

[2021-01-24] eh, I suppose it's time to just post it?

write about my desktop environment? [[toblog]]

about my cgit thing; how I manage public and private dotfiles; symlink frendliness; tokens; nginx [[toblog]] [[dotfiles]] [[setup]]

post about vim keybindings [[vim]] [[toblog]]

Describe my current setup and what could be improved [[infra]] [[toblog]] [[setup]] [[exports]]

E.g. dashboard for token refreshing that stores then in files

[2019-12-01] inspiration: people Describing Their Hardware/Software Setup https://karl-voit.at/other-peoples-IT-setup/ [[setup]] [[toblog]]

[2020-04-16] GNU Guix 1.1.0 released | Lobsters

video (50m) fosdem talk Guix: Unifying provisioning, deployment, and package management in the age of containers

  • [2021-01-24] hmm so it has --container mode, nice

how to organize your filesystem, cloud sync & backups? [[toblog]]

scheck, dangling etc

cloud heartbeat thing for syncthing/dropbox? [[cloud]]

the quicker you notice, the better because conflict resolution sucks

[2019-09-29] on few occasions I had

[2019-09-29] android power settings might mess

Release my heartbeat thing? For phone and desktop Could work for both Dropbox and synching

E.g. systemd has no graphical indication if something crashed

[2019-09-06] also could post somewhere? maybe on selfhosted

[2019-09-06] make sure there is nothing existing?

[2019-11-07] lab notebook // thoughts and notes [[infra]] [[setup]]


The Setup
My version of The Setup, a post about how I get things done.

Wrote a blog post on my current setup of applications/services that I am using. [[infra]] [[toblog]]


how to tell people about my way of handling personal data (yielding exceptions, being defensive etc) [[toblog]] [[exports]]

Heartbeat for syncthing? [[cloud]] [[toblog]]

[2019-12-12] aesadde | My Personal Filesystem [[pkm]] [[setup]] [[infra]]


[2019-12-18] ok, nothing too crazy, but good example of setup

What's next? [[infra]] [[toblog]]

Find a way to simplify and make it more effecient.

syncthing paranoid: nodemodules, rust dirs etc? [[cloud]]

make beat and check mutually exclusive [[cloud]] [[dron]]

separate disk intensive jobs (maybe via systemd resources/tags?) [[dron]]

[2020-01-26] systemd.service https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.service.html

If set to simple (the default if ExecStart= is specified but neither Type= nor BusName= are),

Write about random bitsof my infra but in more detail [[toblog]] [[hpi]] [[infra]]

[2020-02-14] eh?

extracting pipeline in an external script allows to reuse CI config (because they are so fucking hard to get right, you want to copy paste) [[ci]] [[configs]]

[2020-12-22] jessfraz/dockerfiles: Various Dockerfiles I use on the desktop and on servers.

[2020-12-22] justin-vanwinkle/Docker-GUI-Example: An example of how run GUI apps with Docker.

[2019-12-30] Lazydocker: a terminal GUI for Docker | Hacker News https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=20315973 [[docker]]

sandGorgon 6 months ago [-]
There is also Dry - https://moncho.github.io/dry/
The best part about dry is using it through docker itself.
PikachuEXE 6 months ago [-]
Oh thanks for sharing! I found this one more "mature"

[2020-05-11] Pi-hole 5.0 | Hacker News

The default way would be to install the package unattendedupgrade which will install security updates on your system every day.

[2020-09-01] Htop 3.0 | Hacker News

- docker stats (htop equivalent for docker containers)

[2020-11-04] pwaller/docker-show-context: Show where time is wasted during the context upload of `docker build`

My infrastructure diagram [[myinfra]]


feels like need to merge together block with export layer and storage [[myinfra]]

still can use labels via html tables?… ugh
or maybe put them in clusters? so they are aligned vertically

incomplete, too much; typical usecases [[toblog]] [[myinfra]]

mark stuff I'm using/abandoned [[myinfra]]

could add browser before reddit/telegra/twitter etc? and also phone? [[myinfra]]

ugh. def need js highlight or something [[myinfra]]

sync paranoid – detect rust/python/etc [[cloud]]

generally 'big directories with binaries/object files'?

[2021-01-08] ddvk/remarkable-hacks: additional functionality via binary patching

[2021-02-15] Scoop [[windows]]

[2021-02-20] My Life in E-ink :: Rohit Goswami — Reflections

[2021-02-20] pdf - How to install KOReader on Kobo Aura ONE - Ebooks Stack Exchange

[2021-02-24] Setting up a mail server using Postfix in 5 minutes — Rudd-O.com

[2021-02-20] Installation on ReMarkable · koreader/koreader Wiki [[remarkable]]

[2021-02-20] My Life in E-ink :: Rohit Goswami — Reflections [[kobo]]

Koreader is probably the best thing to happen to e-ink devices since sliced bread. It replaces the need to use any cables with an e-reader; since newer versions have a nice SSH server, and can also update itself.

[2021-02-09] #💪-v1-self-hosted [[cloud]]

2) Another is to use a filesync service like Syncthing/Dropbox (no server), and append all transactions to a log file or directory. Then sync and recreate the db from these transaction logs

[2020-06-07] Similar projects · AppImage/AppImageKit Wiki

[2021-03-15] torfsen/python-systemd-tutorial: A tutorial for writing a systemd service in Python [[systemd]]


[2021-04-03] Lingon - Peter Borg Apps

launchd frontend?

[2021-04-09] Guix is definitely a cleaner implementation (coherent cli tooling, way better ma… | Hacker News [[nix]] [[guix]]

Guix is definitely a cleaner implementation (coherent cli tooling, way better manual, not a custom, oddball language, ...).
* if Nix is already very niche, Guix is the niche of a niche. The ecosystem is tiny in comparison.
* The Nix interpreter isn't exactly fast, but Guix (with it's scheme) was significantly worse for me, even in relatively small tests
* The hard stance on open source requirements is understandable, given the projects origin, but it will severely hinder adoption. No, I don't want to package every commercial app I need myself. nixpkgs has almost everything.

[2021-03-13] tfeldmann/organize: The file management automation tool.

[2021-04-14] ugh fuck [[nix]] [[infra]] [[docker]]

tried running

docker run --rm --user 1000:1000 -it nixos/nix /bin/sh

but then it can't find nix-env. ugh – fuckitfuckitfuckit

[2020-11-27] Evidlo/remarkableentware: Entware installer modified for reMarkable Tablet [[remarkable]]

tool to install packages on remarkable

[2021-04-29] Installing remux, KOReader on the ReMarkable 2 – Megan Walker's Blog [[remarkable]]

ok, really good guide

  • update remarkable

  • ssh onto it

  • follow toltec install https://github.com/toltec-dev/toltec#install-it

  • opkg install rm2fb

  • opkg install remux # launcher
    systemctl enable –now remux
    swipe up (on the right edge!), should show the menu

  • opkg install koreader

  • Create a file home/root.config/draft/02-koreader with the following contents
    not sure if really that necessary?

    desc=Ebook reader
  • congratulations, you are done!

    Note that when a ReMarkable system update occurs you will likely need to re-run the systemctl enable --now remux command. I think this should be the only command needed to re-run, but I don’t have a system update to install to validate that.

[2021-04-29] toltec-dev/toltec: Community-maintained repository of free software for the reMarkable tablet. [[setup]] [[remarkable]]

[2021-05-02] syncthing-faq(7) — syncthing — Debian testing — Debian Manpages [[syncthing]]

HOW DO I RENAME/MOVE A SYNCED FOLDER?An alternative way is to shut down Syncthing, move the folder on disk (including the .stfolder marker), edit the path directly in config.xml in the configuration folder (see config) and then start Syncthing again.

ok this works great

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