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I feel like I've been [[unlocking]] things, in some sense. I optimized several things which had been bothering me for a while. I feel freed up in a way.

Now it's 18:29 and I'm doing a [[pomodoro]] on [[chezmoi]] and with that I'm calling it with general optimization. Next up is [[podagora]] and in general some [[containers]] work, which on second inspection has to do with the [[flancian repo]] and [[project snapshot]].

I over-rested by staying with [[chezmoi]] as it was fun :)

Then I did a [[pomodoro]] on [[social coop]] as I needed to pay attention to [[relax instance registration]] and call for tomorrow's [[social coop tech group]]. Also had a nice [[mint tea]] :)

Then we had [[dinner]] and I cleaned the kitchen counters. Now it's 22 and I think I'll do yoga and try to do two more pomodoros before bed!

Done :) [[podman]] is cool, and http://hypatia.anagora.org (HTTP only, URL will change) is now up. I feel this was a productive day.


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