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  • Enjoying the TV show at the moment, and feeling tempted to reread the [[His Dark Materials]] books again. I read it many years ago now, I guess when I was a teenager - I think there's a lot of subtlety there (and less subtlety perhaps!) about religion and science.

  • Also I've had another recommendation for the Murderbot series (the first one being from Ton's list), so I think I'll read those at some point too.

09:57 memory

i find my memories are most strongly associated with smells; when an idea occurs to me, it's due to a difference in environment, and is ither impacted by the smell of the room or introduces a smell of its own. the memory of these smells – just out of reach – seems to invade my consciousness when i'm thinking of childhood, of food or of friends.

consequently, i find myself detesting strong, artificial smells - perfume, cologne, the intrusive spray jutting out of teen clothing stores, the sickly sweet fanned barbecue and sugar from many american diners, and often even deoderant. the smells themselves don't necessarily bother me; it's the notion that they're constructed artificially, that they're misplacing key memories by drowning out more interesting voices with something that just does not belong in this context.

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