📚 node [[2022 11 28]]
  • [[work]]
  • [[social coop]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[agora chapter]]
      • try to do at least one pomodoro of editing in suggestion mode
        • already did this -- it was the first pomodoro of the night!
        • it felt nice to just do it. I had reasons to procrastinate (like emptying the dishwasher and loading it) but I somehow persevered.
    • #push [[yoga with x]]
    • [[UI]]
      • Make better use of [[unicode]] :)

      • #push [[todo]]

        • [[executable subnodes]]
          • can totally work pretty much as is (in the branch) if we have an [[allowlist]]
        • add more effective [[default handler]] to agora server - [ ] it gives errors for /x/y for example, which I've been assuming works for a long while without actually having gone and made it work :)
          • #push [[agora chapter]]
            • my next [[drishti]] -> [[2022-12-04]] is the [[deadline]] for the next iteration
            • answer [[editors]]
              • write email -- this was sent on [[2022-11-27]] in the end
              • answer follow up about the meeting, sounds nice
            • start going through comments and incorporating learnings
            • note that UI improvements can yield more interesting screenshots
              • but at least one screenshot of an agora graph is long due
              • ;)
      • [[containers]]

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