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Feel free to tweet or DM me [[@bmann::http://twitter.com/bmann]] or on [[Social.Coop]] Mastodon @bmann@social.coop.

You can usually find me in the [[Fission]] Discord Chat https://fission.codes/discord, which also happens to be a fun place to hang out if you like technical, open source, and general developer topics.

For [[Startup]] topics, advice, and support, I'm in the [[EhList]] Canadian founders Slack. I'll also bug you to join the [[Venture Scouts]] forum.

If we've met in person, happy to [[connect on LinkedIn::http://www.linkedin.com/in/boris]]. Write something interesting in your connect message if we haven't met :)

Happy to do an intro call (or coffee if you're local to Vancouver): Book a time on my calendar ยป

Community Chat

We use [[Matrix]] for our main Moa Party community & dev chat #moaparty:matrix.org.

The Moa Party Space lists all the chat rooms.

We also run Matrix-powered [[Cactus Comments]] to enable comments on this website. Feel free to do a test post on the bottom of this page ๐Ÿ‘‡

Social channels:

Open Collective

Read more about [[Open Collective]].


If you're technically minded, feel free to file an issue or feature request directly.

Otherwise, report a problem by email, or just by leaving a comment directly on this page. Or say something nice, that's good too!

P.S. Yes, there are real humans here! See the [[Maintainers]] page.

[[mastodon]]/[[pleroma]]: [https://freethinkers.lgbt/vera vera@freethinkers.lgbt]

[[twitter]]: [https://twitter.com/flanciavera flanciavera]

[[email]]: [mailto:veronika.m.winters@gmail.com veronika.m.winters@gmail.com]

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