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An instance of [[Agora]].

Features and Documentation

https://anagora.org/@bmann is my profile page. If you start browsing there, all the links default to my notes only.

https://anagora.org/node/agora-actions lists the actions you can use.

https:/anagora.org/node/agora-search describes how to use the agora as a search engine.


Notes on suggested conventions

Accepting the Contract

Link to the contract with a date indicating you accepted it.

Feature Requests

Ideas about the agora social system as a whole, but for now mostly technical features of the Agora server software and the main [[Anagora]] instance. Join us on the [[FedStoa]] [[GitLab]] to add your own ideas https://gitlab.com/fedstoa/agora-server

Like wikipedia but anyone can write whatever and no one ever believes its true and you can't really edit other's work.

This page is about possible implementations of the Agora. I hope, in time, it will evolve into a detailed plan.

For the time being, this is what I have:


I think I'll set up a Wiki -- any Wiki will do, but eventually I'd like to extend it to implement features, and for that reason I'd like to use a Wiki engine based on Python (v3 ideally). I know and like Python. You have to use what you have.

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An Agora

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