It's a terrible language, but given its status as the de-facto language of the web, it has an incredible ecosystem of tools developed to help out.



Functional Programming



functional programing for ts




Create React App with Babylon and TypeScript React for Babylon


Rigid body physics engine


flexbox for react-three-fiber

UI Dev :: flipping animation :: state machines for the web


the repo Material UI



The compiler for Javascript. Babel macros


Hardcore config functional config


ImmutableJS: Immutable data structures Ramda: Better JS functional programming Typescript with these two is the de factor pure programming ecosystem

Organice:: Org mode without emacs automerge:: a CRDT that allows concurrent modification Turbolinks:: framework agnostic way of rendering views on server side and swapping in throuhg a socket tty.js:: terminal for the browser sanctuary:: strict javascript functions composed functionally cli for :: reactive state with lenses :: embed self rendering md content bidirectional lenses ring buffers super flexible js and ts orm that runs anywhere phantomjs browser control excellent article on javascript generators apps everywhere with single react code base? seems too good to be true javascript parser toolkit


an excellent resource on conflict-free replicated datatypes build quick cli apps with js


automating with nodejs advanced javascript optimizer lenses in javascript

manage js project with multiple packages alloyjs browser based visualizations static file listing and serving denosecure js runtime type safe ui library for purescript

read directory content into an object Parsing in JavaScript: all the tools and libraries you can use Parsing in JavaScript: Tools and Libraries Native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript, JavaScript - NativeScr Deep JavaScript: Theory and techniques Chess programs in C, Java and Javascript, also 8080 emulator javascript is so hard to use now! host gpg key on my website like this person does. i also like the 'tell me something' button with the hidden (black on black) text! cool scroll! Floating island /w Threejs & GSAP JavaScript End to End Testing Framework | using xpath for js