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Welcome to the [[Agora]]!

Ahoy there!

This [[Agora]] is a [[wiki like]] [[experimental social network]] and [[distributed knowledge graph]].

  • /nodes lists all [[pages]] in this Agora.
    • A [[node]] is the set of all notes and resources with a given title or otherwise mapping to an [[entity description]]. Subnodes (blocks) in a node can come from a variety of sources; they are resources volunteered by Agora users through their independent [[repositories]]. As of August 2021, these are mostly notes from [[digital gardens]].
    • /latest shows nodes by modification time.
  • /users displays all users in this Agora. Click through to see their contributions.
    • /journals displays all subnodes that look like they belong to a daily entry (these are subnodes whose filenames look like dates, such as YYYY-MM-DD).

The [[wikilink]] is the heart of this [[Agora]]: wikilinks serve as a tool to indicate a social [[context]] assembled out of individual and group contributions. In this Agora, [[foo bar]] will resolve to every resource that identifies with entity 'foo'; in particular, currently every file named foo-bar.md, foo-bar.jpg, foo-bar.png, etc. An Agora tries to best-effort integrate user contributions while preserving meaning and volunteering interesting information. You can also think of it as a [[sequential wiki]].

If you'd like to join this Agora, please refer to [[agora signup]]. If you'd like to run your own Agora, please refer to [[agora install]] and/or reach out to [[flancian]], the maintainer.

If you're interested in knowing what's coming next, please refer to [[agora plan]] or join [[flancia collective]].

Have a nice day!

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