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Welcome to the [[Agora]]!

Ahoy there!

The [[Agora]] is a [[distributed knowledge graph]] and [[experimental social network]].

This [[agora]], which is just one of many, is running [[agora server]] [[0.5.12]].

The [[wikilink]] is the heart of the [[Agora]]. In the context of an Agora, [[foo bar]] will resolve to every resource that identifies with entity 'foo'; in particular, currently every file named, foo-bar.jpg or foo-bar.png in its curated collection of [[digital gardens]]. An Agora node is in some ways a collage that tries to integrate all user contributions. You can think of it also as a form of [[sequential wiki]].

If you'd like to join this Agora, please refer to [[agora help]] and [[agora clients]] or reach out to [[flancian]], the maintainer.

If you're interested in knowing what's coming next, please refer to [[agora plan]].

Have a nice day!