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Distributed Knowledge Graph

Distributed Knowledge Graph

knowledge is key .

We all reach a point in life mostly us who are less fortunate . its easy when your parents are wealthy and feed you all the way, one thing i can say is us who are under previlaged learn things in life in different and harder circumstances, this is an idea of change to create opportunities for those who are in that position . what can you do to put food on the table ! if jobs are decreasing by day and many others dont know how to actually bring in something and make a life from absolutely nothing. i am in this position as im writting this and yes you can change everything in a goood way BUT what does it actually take ? starting with mindset one needs to be opassionate or atleast interested in becoming something .

takes thinking and listening.

you can not be stubborn and know it all attitude .. im up 4 in the morning glued to my interests and passion an idea a dau with no pay is a push down . Today at age32 i can confidentky sat give me it all and i wi double it .. with confidence today is the last day i suffer financially theres a dosen ways to make it right in front of us

so I am editing someone else's text here

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