🏡 README by @Jayu


Agora Digital Garden

What is this

This is a [[digital garden]] serving as my [[interface]] to any [[Agora server]] which has a [[contract]] compatible with [[Anagora]]'s.

Things that are enclosed by [[double brackets]] are [[wikilinks]]. Through things like [[Anagora]], they'll be rendered as clickable [[link]]s.

Who am I

I'm [[Jayu Eleuthéria]], or [[Jayu]] for short. You may use any pronouns to refer to me. I'm what I do (and what is done through me), and I do many things (and many things are done through me).

I do [[digital garden]]s (and [[digital garden]]s are done through me). As such, I'm also a [[digital gardener]]. And my [[motive]]s are:

You can learn more about this [[garden]] through its [[index]] [[element]]; and more about me through the "[[Jayu]]" [[element]]. For [[Agora]] [[user]]s' convenience, I've [[pull]]ed both below, and you'll be able to see them somewhere on the "[[README]]" [[node]].

[[pull]] [[Index]] [[pull]] [[Jayu]]