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  • To [[read]] the Agora, you don't need anything but a [[web browser]].
  • To [[contribute]] to the Agora, first you need to publish your [[digital garden]] or [[content]] elsewhere online. The Agora doesn't host your data, but rather pulls it from a location you control and renders it for you and other users; it interlinks it with that of other users.
    • If you know your way around [[git]], [[markdown]] on git is the default format. If you use [[roam]] or a [[roam like]] or you have a notes database, you're almost there.
    • Whatever participation mechanism you choose, you need to let an Agora [[maintainer]] know where your content is, so it can be pulled and [[integrated]]. We strive to continuously support new sources and formats.
      • You can send email to signup@anagora.org or reach out to a member of [[flancia collective]] with:
        • The URL of your repo or content.
        • Your desired username.
        • Confirmation that you agree to the Agora's [[contract]] (only the one by the @agora user; other contracts are optional).
      • Alternatively if you know your way around [[git]] you can send a PR for gardens.yaml in the Agora repo: [[go/agora]].
    • The Agora wants to be [[maximally inclusive]], but it is in its infancy; it is a [[work in progress]]. If you want to participate and can't, please also send email to signup@anagora.org to let us know.
      • Non-git sources and formats other than [[Markdown]] will be supported in the future; if you store your notes using some other system, please reach out.
      • Through projects such as [[agora twitter integration]], we hope to make the Agora available to anyone that has access to a social network account.
  • Please refer to [[agora install]] in case you want to run your own Agora; and to [[agora editor]] for more information on clients.
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