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Here is the primary index of the pages in The Dayton Experiment






The Story

[[The Dayton Experiment]]

[[The Beginning]]

[[Understanding the Problem]]

[[The Switch]]

[[The Personal Reason]]

[[The First Experiment]]

[[Finding the Problem]]

[[Launch of Tech for Tomorrow]]

[[Our First Sprint]]

[[The First Presentation]]

[[Reframing Tech for Tomorrow]]

[[Launch of Innovation Academy]]

[[Summer of Learning]]

[[Maintaining the Flame]]

[[The Crazy Idea]]

[[Dayton's Story]]

[[Dayton's Innovation Academy]]

[[Breaking In]]

[[Getting Ready]]

[[Finding Purpose]]

[[Beginning to Code]]

[[CS First]]

[[Organizing Teams]]

[[The Discipline of Learning]]

[[Team Dynamics]]

[[The Struggle]]

[[The Deeper Issue]]

[[The Bell Curve]]

[[The Power Curve]]

[[Unleashing Creative Genius]]

[[Katelyn's Story]]

[[Caleb's Story]]

[[Demo Day]]

[[The Partnership]]

[[The Challenge of Transformation]]

[[White Knuckles]]

[[The Meaning of Math]]

[[The Vacation Home]]

[[The Mysteries of Conic Sections]]

[[The Way]]

[[A Cluster in the Making]]

[[Looking Good]]

[[Internal Alignment]]

[[A Summer Party]]

[[Teaching Innovation]]

[[Making it Up]]

[[Reaching Out]]

[[Going Deeper]]

[[What's Next]]

[[Pirate Night]]

[[The Innovation Council]]

[[Innovate Dayton Leadership Team]]

[[The Launch of Innovate Dayton]]

[[Capacity Building]]

[[A Culture of Shame]]

[[The Right People]]

[[Learning Cohorts]]

[[Telling the Story]]

[[Living with Failure]]

[[Inspiring Others]]

[[The Power of Partners]]

[[The Secret Sauce]]

[[Leaping into the Void]]

[[Defining a Partnership]]

[[The Liftoff]]

[[The Calls]]

[[The Retro]]

[[Deeper Meaning]]

[[The Next Iteration]]

[[Making Matter]]

[[State of Ri]]

[[The Dayton Practice]]

[[The Reckoning]]



[[Purpose Matters]]

[[Genius Matters]]

[[Joy Matters]]

[[Beyond Matter]]


The Garden

[[The Garden]]

[[The Garden Index]]

The Path

[[Path of Transformation]]


[[Using this Book]]

[[Reflections on Emergence]]


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