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    • I usually get into a distracted and unproductive state when I don't notice what's on my mind; I have 'unflushed' context and I tend to ignore it.
    • Example from today: I felt like I needed to do something for a meeting a few hours later and I failed to actually realize it and do it. Result: a few hours of wasted productivity, and a rush fifteen minutes before the meeting to get it done.
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    • My internal discourse can be surprisingly strongly worded, in particular when applied to myself or to inanimate objects.
      • "oh, look. it's a shitty window." -- just said of a Chromium window that Mastodon popped up that didn't let me change the URL to navigate away.
      • "you are stupid", "you are a fucking asshole" -- said to myself while coding.
        • The first one means "that was stupid" which means "[[suboptimal]]/a dirty hack" and could very well be framed without appealing to the concept of stupidity.
        • The second I'm unsure about; assholes in the biological sense are not bad.
    • I feel like I [[love]] you a priori.
    • I will show you the [[shape of my heart]] if you want to.
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