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Jonathan the Utopian


  • proposal
    • 5 minutes each at the beginning giving a summary of how we're doing
    • 5 minutes to plan how we'll use the rest of the time, total 1h
  • [[lorand]]
    • feeling tired today, but working at home all day. under [[time pressure]].
    • learning a subject to prepare a lecture on it.
      • [[q]] which subject?
      • [[q]] is it ok to write this here?
    • readings for the masters are nice but intensive
    • zoom calls yesterday heavy: 3h in the morning, 3h in the afternoon
    • spent some time with colleagues in the evening, not many chances to socialize
    • signed up for a workshop in [[france]]
      • [[q]] which topic?
    • looking forward to [[june]]
      • would like to get back in touch with project
      • hesitant to see people yet though
      • trying to focus on diet and sport
      • digital note taking, would like to set up a digital garden plus rendering beyond obsidian
  • [[topics]]
  • [[flancia collective]]



  • [[presentation]] [[mtr master konzept v2021 02 21]]
    • Want feedback on their impressions. Which images, thoughts they receive when the presentation takes place.
    • Any red flags/warnings/concerns we should think about?
    • Suggestions, materials, ideas that could help.
  • [[run 0]]
  • overall
    • there could have been a bit more meta: go over the structure of the presentation in 30s-60s at the beginning, so the audience knows what to expect.








  • Jonathan thinks [[utopoi]] is not persistent; it will live for a while and then die, like an organism. But this applies mostly to the physical part; the digital part might endure.
  • Knowing it has an end date actually feels nice.
  • [[wittgenstein]]
    • likes that he critized his own work -- I agree.
    • part of his later work is about [[deconstructing]] his earlier work.


  • "philosophy is the art of making questions enjoyable"
  • pros/cons
  • "feeling like a mashed potato"
  • work is getting stressful due to an online course coming up in January.


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