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  • [[push]] [[gitea]]
    • [[vera]] installed gitea this weekend; just set it up so it's serving on https://git.anagora.org . Signups (username+password works just fine) open!
    • [[mirroring]] works great! simple to set up
      • I wonder how often it syncs -- if often enough, this could be a good UI for [[agora bridge]]
    • [[wiki]] for each repo gets stored in a 'hidden' repo associated with it: add .wiki before .git in the URL to clone
  • [[push]] [[systemctl]]
    • systemctl list-unit-files | grep enabled to list all enabled services (add --user for user-scoped)
      • a bit weird this isn't... shorter? but oh well
  • [[flancians]]


  • When I'm first learning about some new thing, X, I get a lot more value in someone I know saying "I like X" or "I dislike X" or "I'm interested in X" or "I something X" than a detailed objective description of what X is.

  • [[Birds of prey]] are also known as raptors!

    • [[Peregrin falcons]] are the fasted members of the animal kingdom. They can travel at 242 miles per hour!
    • [[Condors]] have wing spans up to 2.9m!
  • [[There will be a fresh wave of Omicron cases in the early summer]], so sayeth Sage in The Guardian.

Today my first proper day in the agora! Still not fully hooked up with all the [[matrix rooms]] and whatever, and my internal links won't display properly until there's some kind of [[tiddlywiki]] affordance, but these are minor details.

I'm probably going to have to go figure out how awful $employer is about open source to be able to contribute properly to the code, aren't I. I am so very small a fry...


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lessons from phd

lead or be lead

actively advocate for what you want to do or you won't get it. you can advocate for what's best for you.

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