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Yesterday I said that I have no idea how to overwinter [[amaryllis]] bulbs, but this is only partly true. I know what you’re supposed to do, I just don’t have a very good track record at it.
Back at the start of the pandemic, when everyone was hoarding yeast and stockpiling seeds, I decided to try again. I let the greens die back and put the pots in a dark corner of the basement.
Where they sat, forgotten, until more than a year later when my beloved came up from the basement holding three sad pots of crinkled empty nothingness.
“Can I please throw these outside?” she asked.
I surrendered to the inevitable, and out they went.
Fast-forward to summer. We were in the middle of a heatwave. I was standing at the kitchen window when I spotted something bright red sticking out of our brush pile in the woods. Was it a cardinal? No, it looked more like a flower. But I hadn’t planted anything over there. Unless…
Yes. Those dead bulbs had miraculously come back to life and were in full bloom. On the brush pile, in the woods.

In its less metaphorical sense, I have always preferred planting [[bulbs]] to seeds. We talk a lot metaphorically about the seeds of an idea. Are the long-running interests of one's life bulbs?

a thing that I want to exist that I ... probably won't bother making myself:

a piece of software for people who are thinking about weaning themselves off of streaming (or who want to give artists extra support). you connect your [[last.fm]] account and your [[bandcamp]] account (potentially plus something else if people use something else to keep track of music they own). you configure a periodic spend (though it doesn't automate buying anything). on a regular subscription-like cadence (possibly coinciding with bandcamp fridays), it emails you the top tracks / artists you've been listening to, shows you which are available on bandcamp, whether you already own what you've been listening to, and suggests what your configured spend should go to to reflect that. (maybe add on amazon mp3 downloads for things for which bandcamp isn't available?)

I've had very low success in the past with those "here's your [[spotify]] library on bandcamp!" tools because of all the things I like that are too corporate or too foreign. but if over a particular period I was listening to things that I really could be getting there, I'd like to be reminded of that.

I don't know that I'll ever want to go back to album-by-album or track-by-track ownership, but I wish that my fees were actually going to the artists I listen to.


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