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Welcome to [[yoga with x]]! This is episode... well, I've stopped counting, but they are all meant to be published.

Thank you for being here! If you'd like to know more about the project, please refer to https://anagora.org/yoga-with-x .


This is [[go/move/30]]. Maybe for the first time with Adriene's full audio? I'm privileged to have a dishwasher, in that as in many other ways! In case you're wondering, those dishes are clean :)



[[Working in public]] tonight. I see yoga and working as two strands in a beautiful braid.

In case you're wondering, those dishes are dirty :) But you didn't because the dishwasher was closed by the time we started yoga, and you also didn't because I didn't record it today, although I did broadcast in [[go/yoga with x]] as usual. The mirror images / views on the so called [[self]] are useful.

[[2023-01-20]] leading into [[2023-01-21]]

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I don't enter flow as often as I would like and that usually frustrates me; it's low key frustration but frustation nevertheless, and it builds up the longer it is sustained. It's like a part of my brain knows that we should get back to it, but life gets in the way; or, most often, I just procrastinate on triggering the right conditions.

Sometimes I like to get into flow with a [[quick fix]].


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