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  • When [[working]] with the garage door up,
    • [[Decide]] [[where]] to put up your unfinished [[work]], [[what]] to put up, [[when]] to put it up, and how to give people who check it out something they will [[want]].
  • Saturday, 03/11/2023 ** 21:42 A checklist for clothing purchases I keep buying clothing that I regret.
  • Will you feel comfortable doing anything in this garment? (Ideal: yes)

    • Can you sprint in it?
    • Can you do yoga in it?
    • Could you fall off a cliff in it?
    • Could you fall asleep in it?
  • Will you have to adjust this during the day to make it look good? (Ideal: no)

  • Will you have to adjust this to make it comfortable? (Ideal: no)

  • Could you wear this in any occasion? (Barring 'business professional') (Ideal: yes)

  • Is it measureably better than something you own now? (Upgrade pick) (Ideal: yes)

  • Could you wear this for a week straight with no issues?

  • Will this last more than two years without replacement?

  • Does it fit well?

  • Does it have visible branding?

  • Does it look differentiating? It's important to me that the clothing I wear shows I'm different - creative or otherwise interesting - and helps me stand out just a bit. My look should never be so radical that it's impractical, gaudy or flashy. I should be able to blend into a metropolitan street and look subtle in some way, but also relaxed and comfortable.

    This is all to say - the clothes should be interesting and worth caring for, but the clothes that I choose to wear shouldn't be my differentiating factor; I don't have the body to win that battle, and even if I did I wouldn't want the spotlight to be on me. It's too hard to learn about and appreciate your world when the world starts to center you - so it never should.

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