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Wednesday, 11/02/2022

23:35 back at it

realizing the value of keeping a daily journal now. will forget too much otherwise.

i spent the morning cleaning out some links from this wiki - something that's become incredibly valuable. learning to actually read and synthesize links i've pushed around for so many years is an important skill - i was sorting information, but not synthesizing it, earlier. learning to combine ideas into essays and essays into actionable goals is something i'm actively practicing through going through old links and building up a small, tight-knit batch of essays that i plan on iterating on forever.

Lunch with Luke. Very quickly realized that he has a much stronger understanding of what matters than I do; each word is concise and deliberate, whereas I felt like I was grasping for ideas that I was excited by but didn't fully understand. Tons of control over time. Reminds me of people like Ben. This excited bouncing around between different disciplines and getting an ear of new ideas isn't cutting it anymore - people I like the work of are becoming my peers, and they've done far more work - not reading essays or scrolling twitter or whatever - than I have.

Acting class: unimportant. I made a couple of comments about the play that weren't exactly true and felt bad for not knowing better when reviewing the work during the course. I should have been more focused when reading. Had to bail on project meeting with Pete due to missed prioritizations over the course of the last few days. Work with Ryan was not the most focused, but we made clear progress; our disorganized DP code reflects this.

Spent the evening working through this wiki for a few hours; clicking links, writing down and saving what really matters. That's all.

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