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Moa is the actual name of the server code that runs [[Moa Party]].

Code is developed on GitLab at https://gitlab.com/fedstoa/moa, and mirrored on GitHub at https://github.com/fedstoa/moa.

Check out the current [[Maintainers]].

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Federated or Fediverse Stoa. A @Flancian [[Agora]] related term. Currently being used as the joint meta project group name for code on GitLab for [[Anagora]] and [[Moa Party]] related code.

See https://gitlab.com/fedstoa/


FedStoa stands for Federated Stoa or Fediverse Stoa.

The home base for working on code is on GitLab at https://gitlab.com/fedstoa, including the [[Moa]] codebase at https://gitlab.com/fedstoa/moa and the source for this website at https://gitlab.com/fedstoa/moaparty/moaparty.com.

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Originally created by James Moore, a [[Python]] / Flask app and open source under an [[MIT License]].

As of September 2020, Instagram cross posting is disabled because of changes in the Instagram API. Likely same reason that [[OwnYourGram]] doesn't really work anymore.


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