📚 node [[2022 11 04]]
  • [[lady burup]]
    • I took our Lady of the Burups to the vet this morning; she didn't like being in her carrier at first, but then seemed not to be too stressed during the walk to the vet, and we were back soon enough. She seemed happy to be back :) All in all I'm glad I stopped procrastinating and did this for her (she needed to get a vaccine booster).
  • [[work]]
    • fine.
  • [[meditation]]
    • The virtual half-day [[meditation retreat]] (in [[waking up]]) I thought was today is actually tomorrow! This threw my weekend plans into a bit of a chaos, but that's alright.
  • [[social coop]]
    • [[moa]]
      • discussed the possibility of merging moa into [[social coop]] if both parties are willing with [[boris mann]], he was open to it!
  • [[agora]]
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