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[2020-03-20] Use phones to collect and triage, not (usually) to read


Use phones to collect and triage, not (usually) to read

Tweet from @jborichevskiy

<https://twitter.com/jborichevskiy/status/1245559381560721408 >

@jborichevskiy: This is @RoamResearch in a nutshell. Not having to dig around for that note, that link, that whatever - allows things to flow with wonderful speed.

https://github.com/alphapapa/transclusion-in-emacs [[transclusion]] [[emacs]]

related [[learning]]

[2018-11-09] WorldBrain/Memex: Browser Extension to full-text search your browsing history & bookmarks. [[worldbrain]] [[annotation]] [[promnesia]]


[2019-03-23] hmm, all data stored locally… wonder if could integrate with wereyouhere..

[2020-05-06] Memex Dreams ‒ Szymon Kaliski [[pkm]]

I stopped trusting my memory a long time ago, and I hate the feeling of stuff slipping through the cracks.

[2021-01-04] good description of the pkm process, probably similar to mine

personal knowledge management [[think]]

also need some search engine

fuzzy thing to launch MC in specific directory [[pkm]]

shit, sometimes it just doesn't annotate on the first invokation [[hypothesis]]

[2019-05-05] ugh… seriously, just open new link, click hypothesis button and hightlight. refresh the page; hightlight is gone :(

[2019-12-17] I think it's resolved??

[2019-06-05] The rise of Personal Knowledge Management tools


Yeah, maybe I'm not a typical person - but I collect, parse & use a lot of data, so I really need my stuff well organized.

[2019-07-02] read them more? https://no-kill-switch.ghost.io

[2018-11-19] Do you guys have a personal wiki? (using org-mode or not) /r/emacs [[exobrain]] [[org]]

I think Org transcends the idea of a wiki.  What is a wiki, anyway?  Documents with links to themselves.  Org does that and much more.
For myself, I keep information in several Org files.

* Information that doesn't change much, that I need to refer to now and then, that fits in a hierarchy, goes in `reference.org`.
* Things I come across randomly that I want to record for later (e.g. web pages, snippets, quotes) goes in `cpb.org` (for commonplace book) in a datetree; I can find it later with Org search tools, including `helm-org-rifle`.
* Appointments that are independent of other entries go in `calendar.org`.
* Stuff I need to refile goes in `inbox.org`, but I'm trying to get in the habit of putting things in `cpb.org` instead of putting them in a massive inbox file, thinking that I'll refile them later; I never do, so I might as well put them in a datetree, which at least organizes them chronologically rather than a giant, flat list.
  * This includes archived web pages, which I now capture with `org-web-tools-attach-url-archive`.  Sometimes I also capture the plain-text readable parts of web pages with `org-web-tools-read-url-as-org` or directly into a capture template with `org-web-tools--url-as-readable-org`.
* Most project and task stuff goes in `main.org`.
* Personal log/journal/diary-type entries go in `log.org`.
* Transient stuff goes in `temp.org` (which is excluded from the git repo I keep Org files in).
* Things I'm working on right now and want to keep in front of me (sort of like a sticky note on a monitor) go in `now.org`, which I access and manage with `org-now`.

Hope that helps!

Remember, Org is a platform for building your own system.  Take it easy, take your time, enjoy the ride.  Emacs and Org are software for the rest of your life.

eh maybe use some markdown-based organiser just for search? and reuse my exobrain script for export [[phone]] [[pkm]]

although I'm gonna need to disable html export bits then

[2020-08-26] markor?

I want to see a piece of information once, unless I explicitly want otherwise (i.e. spaced repetition) [[motivation]]

Just use roam style links? [[pkm]]

[2020-05-15] [WorldBrain.io on Twitter: "So much good stuff in the upcoming Memex 2.1. ⭐️ Add all open tags to lists and tags via the sidebar ⭐️ 80% less resource usage ⭐️ Tons of performance improvements (no more fans from hell) ⭐️ More stability" / Twitter](https://twitter.com/worldbrain/status/1261207958609895424 ) [[worldbrain]]

So much good stuff in the upcoming Memex 2.1.
 Add all open tags to lists and tags via the sidebar
 80% less resource usage
 Tons of performance improvements (no more fans from hell)
 More stability

[2020-05-19] WorldBrain's Memex: Bookmarking for the power users of the web | Hacker News [[worldbrain]]

I have been using Memex for more than a year now. Here are the things that really annoy me
- occasional freezing and sudden disappearance of your bookmarks
- no real way to programmatically access your Memex database. I know they have released the storage backend, but the lack of helpful documentation is a deal-breaker.
- lack of collaborative annotation (the way Hypothesis does)
- only few results in search results!

[2020-05-11] Vision, Mission & Values — 2020 Update - WorldBrain.io - Medium [[annotation]]

or translate the data into other data models, like the open annotation data model.

firefox saved searches via bookmarks actually get synced? [[pkm]] [[totweet]] [[toblog]]

[2020-07-06] right, so it seems to be exactly equivalent, and works without extensions

proper search with recoll could be useful when there are too many results? [[pkm]]

Perhaps most prominently, the creator of the SuperMemo system, Piotr Wozniak, has written extensively about the many ingenious ways he uses memory systems

How can we develop transformative tools for thought?
in context

Show HN: Fraidycat

Show HN: Fraidycat - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22545878

[2020-03-16] Conor is Hiring for Roam (DMs open) Designers esp. on Twitter: "The Zettelkasten. "It's like the GTD for intellectual progress" What it is, and why you want one. (thread" / Twitter [[pkm]]

<https://twitter.com/Conaw/status/1129788853189955584 >

[2020-07-26] posobin/ampie: Social navigator for the web

[2020-07-26] [Gleb Posobin on Twitter: "Published ampie for Firefox! https://t.co/e9pTwO8uuz History doesn't work as well as on Chrome yet though. Also published the extension's source code under the MIT license: https://t.co/VlBPKiH0QU https://t.co/mT2z3qHSJy" / Twitter](https://twitter.com/posobin/status/1287410223964135425 )

Published ampie for Firefox! https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ampie/
History doesn't work as well as on Chrome yet though.
Also published the extension's source code under the MIT license: https://github.com/posobin/ampie

[2020-08-21] https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/ampie/ rate it

[2017-11-01] thoughts on my own todo app [[pkm]] [[think]]

Super important task are reminders

choose postpone length (in org?)

scheduling day: starts at 05:00, ends at 04:59. 05:00 I am most likely to sleep

postpone -> find next compatible slot

Neural network with pairs?

e.g. what conflicts with what?

to be honest, I should just check with calendar more often and it would all be fine

Might be overly conservative?


You're going skiing to switzerland on wednesday. You bought new boots on Sunday and wore them all day. You might rub your feet so you might be unable to ski. Can we prevent it?


dentist appointment at 10 am. You are likely to get a filling which requires you not to eat or drink anything that might color it for 24 hours.
On the same day at 9pm you have a meeting with your friends at a pub. You like drinking Kriek, which definitely might color your teeth! Can we prevent such a conflict?

Internet Search Tips - Gwern.net

[2019-06-13] archiver-bot: automatically archive your web browsing and/or links from arbitrary websites to forestall linkrot; particularly useful for detecting & recovering from dead PDF links

[2019-06-13] Useful tools to know about: wget, cURL, HTTrack; Firefox plugins: NoScript, uBlock origin, Live HTTP Headers, Bypass Paywalls, cookie exporting. Short of downloading a website, it might also be useful to pre-emptively archive it by using linkchecker to crawl it, compile a list of all external & internal links, and store them for processing by another archival program (see Archiving URLs for examples).

Single file html [[linkrot]]

I gave up on the idea of reliably saving web pages in PDF.
I use now "SingleFile", a Firefox or Chrome extension that helps to save a complete page (with CSS, images, fonts, frames, etc.) as a single HTML file.

Tweet from Andy Matuschak (@andymatuschak), at Dec 30, 03:23 [[pkm]]

There's a funny response curve: folks who are super-diligent about note-taking practices or building simulations seem to generally end up with less insight than their somewhat-less-diligent neighbors.
Maybe it's a explore/exploit thing? Or maybe just a wonk/gestalt thing?
https://twitter.com/andy_matuschak/status/1211487901386543106 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/andy_matuschak/status/1211487901386543106>pull</button>

https://github.com/WorldBrain/Memex-Mobile [[worldbrain]]

[2020-03-17] (1) Szymon Kaliski on Twitter: "📓 published muninn - set of cli tools, and vim plugin, for managing my personal flat-file markdown-based wiki, including @RoamResearch-like backlinks, todo management, minimal web ui, and more! https://t.co/Zg3RGjOcva" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/szymon_k/status/1229455411654340609 >

published muninn - set of cli tools, and vim plugin, for managing my personal flat-file markdown-based wiki, including @RoamResearch
-like backlinks, todo management, minimal web ui, and more!

[2020-05-09] Thinking by Writing ‒ Szymon Kaliski [[writing]]


Honorable Mentions: Memex by Worldbrain.io, Roam Research, Notion, Coda.io, Alfred, Trove, Local Native, ArchiveBox, Raindrop

from ip Digital Tools I Wish Existed

[2020-06-19] Abdillah/hypothesis-firefox: Unofficial. Hypothes.is Firefox addon for annotating anywhere!

Tweet from @Conaw try foam?

<https://twitter.com/Conaw/status/1283178647449333761 >

@Conaw: I love @tangjeff0 and @AthensResearch, love that @jethroksy and @jevakallio have taken Roam ideas into new ecosystems - bc those ecosystems now push new frontiers and build commons, like with this!

jborischevsky: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21747852 [[pkm]] [[infra]]

Local cache would definitely be the (easiest) way of solving it. Tools like Memex [0] are most of the way there.
But a text-only copy on my local device isn't great if the content had special formatting in presentation. Also, it misses out on images or embedded videos. That's where something like ArchiveBox [1] comes in.
> ArchiveBox takes a list of website URLs you want to archive, and creates a local, static, browsable HTML clone of the content from those websites (it saves HTML, JS, media files, PDFs, images and more).
But really what I'd like to see at some point is an opt-in community tool where every page I visit that fits a certain criteria (URL, topic, special mark by me, etc) is fully cloned and uploaded to IPFS [2] for anyone interested in that topic to find and use later - regardless of what happens to the source content. Definitely a host of legal issues around this, but not impossible.

0 - https://worldbrain.io/
1 - https://github.com/pirate/ArchiveBox
2 - https://ipfs.io/

[2019-12-05] Profile: h0p3 | Hacker News [[pkm]] [[exobrain]] [[people]]

huh, this guy uploads his mind onto wiki

Need a tool to match and highlight arbitrary text in pdf [[annotation]]

Pdfgrep? -n option prints page

[2019-06-13] I gues polar mostly works

Organize pdf, search for duplicates [[pkm]] [[polar]]

figure out a way to classify pdfs I have. I should mark them at the time of download, otherwise I forget [[pkm]] [[study]]

perhaps rely on file hashes/some sort of fingerprints (e.g. meta hash) ? that way I can mark it immediately
and track files in some tool

[2019-02-10] ok, maybe just make sure I always highlight interesting bits?

[2019-06-13] again, polar mostly ok

track all pdfs I ever had. in the simplest approach, just have a binding to archive it [[pkm]]

or, store the fingerprints

[2019-06-13] polar got pdfs

use zzzfoo for recoll (F2) [[pkm]] [[habit]]


[2019-06-13] not sure about that… I guess rofi is not the most convenient interface after all… need something that doesn't go away easily, maybe some different window mode?

look up stuff in pinboard tags. also I need to export my org link collection to pinboard too [[pkm]]

I guess compute diff and approve each item

hmm, actually now I might be able to do that via porg?

tool to automatically explore a user for the tags I'm interested in? [[pinboard]] [[pkm]]

[2019-07-30] hmm, axol kinda does that… [[axol]]

two separate areas: structured notes and unstructured [[pkm]] [[think]]


[2019-02-10] figuring out if it's ok as pdf viewer [[polar]] [[pkm]]

it has some sort of fingerprint in the state.json too
so it handles moves and renames fine
cool, the filename is just unchanged, so it only uses the fingerprint
ok, can even tag in polar as well

minor ui issues (e.g. tagging)

would be nice to be able to tag via polar viewer

editing annotations

hmm .stash dir – can we get away without copying files? [[polar]]

would be cool to implement conversion into other hightlight formats and export

[2019-01-17] Deferential Geometry [[physics]] [[pkm]] [[wiki]] [[inspiration]]

interesting wiki, very cool generally, but sad you can't easily jump to specific entries

would be interesting to regularly look for annotations on the same pages I have annotated [[pkm]]

https://www.reddit.com/r/orgmode/comments/3b9bib/orgmode_for_humanities_research_notes_similar_to/cskh6an/ [[org]] [[pkm]]

isearch, helm-swoop
interesting, i'm pretty much doing everything she mentions in the comment

[2019-05-14] ok, I could:

keep a permanent emacs instance
load all files via (find-file "*/.org"). perhaps run that by timer or something? maybe just use rg to get all targets, might be easiest
use helm-multi-swoop-all
make sure to load in fundamental mode

[2019-07-27] if I find that useful, implement proper timer for reloading new files regularly. Find a way to answer y to opening in fundamental mode?

[2019-08-20] ah right… it's sacha chua…

GitHub - matthewmueller/x-ray: The next web scraper. See through the noise.


hightlighting certain things on page based on whether it contains certain link? that way could simulate priorities anywhere [[pkm]] [[chrome]]

hmm do I need to clean old index? [[recoll]] [[pkm]]

search by org tags? [[pkm]] [[emacs]]

[2019-04-13] inspiration: renerocksai/sublimezk

A SublimeText3 package featuring ID based wiki style links, and tags, intended for zettelkasten method users. Loaded with tons of features like inline image display, sophisticated tag search, note transclusion features, support for note templates, bibliography support, support for multiple panes, etc. to make working in your Zettelkasten a joy

[2019-04-19] Post-Evernote: How to Migrate Your Evernote Notes, Images and Tags into Plain Text Markdown - Minding the Borderlands [[pkm]]


Designing better file organization around tags, not hierarchies [[pkm]] [[tagging]]


[2019-05-05] a lot of various tag-based filesystems etc

make views into reddit comments? multiple blocks; fetch them regularly? [[toblog]] [[pkm]]

[2019-01-17] Welcome! [[physics]] [[pkm]] [[inspiration]]


Add display for read only pdf annotations? [[polar]] [[annotating]]

Tweet from ¬¬(Dan Piponi) (@sigfpe), at Mar 6, 18:54 [[annotation]]

Liquid Text (@LiquidTextCorp) has a great feature allowing you to "scrunch" up pages of PDFs to quickly compare what you're reading with something earlier. (The correct way to do split screen IMO) I find myself trying to do this with web browsers now. It really is a nice feature.
https://twitter.com/sigfpe/status/1103368220314988545 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/sigfpe/status/1103368220314988545>pull</button>

[2019-07-30] split screen looks good

[2019-07-20] A very brief introduction to Personal Knowledge Management – Relatris Blog und Fundstücke [[toblog]]


[2019-12-17] pretty vague motivation

[2019-06-20] Open Semantic ETL toolkit for data integration, data analysis, document analysis, information extraction & data enrichment


Open Semantic ETL toolkit for data integration, data analysis, document analysis, information extraction & data enrichment
Open source frameworks for data integration, document processing, information extraction, data analysis, merging & combining data, content enrichment and data enrichment pipelines

recoll web: search as you type?? [[recoll]]

shit, couldn't figure out how to properly display with newline… [[recoll]] [[pkm]]

hmm, wonder how hard it'd be to build indexer [[search]] [[android]] [[pkm]] [[think]]

pdannots: failed to extract properly from Zee's book

[2019-06-13] Internet Search Tips - Gwern.net: Enable some kind of hotkey search with both prompt and copy-paste selection buffer, to turn searching Google (G)/Google Scholar (GS)/Wikipedia (WP) into a reflex.2 You should be able to search instinctively within a split second of becoming curious, with a few keystrokes. (If you can’t use it while IRCing without the other person noting your pauses, it’s not fast enough.)

use fmc in rofi?

[2019-09-04] howardyclo/Digestant: Modules for effectively digesting data from Twitter and Reddit using ML, NLP and statistics. [[pkm]] [[axol]]


Modules for effectively digesting data from Twitter and Reddit using ML, NLP and statistics.

[2019-08-25] Org-brain /r/orgmode

[2019-09-05] Kungsgeten/org-brain: Org-mode wiki + concept-mapping


Having multiple brains
You can have multiple brains simply by having more than one brain folder.

[2019-09-05] rofi-scripts/rofi-finder at master · davatorium/rofi-scripts


rofi  -show find -modi find:~/.local/share/rofi/finder.sh

ugh. it blocked the UI while it was searching :(

[2019-07-23] neonion [[pkm]]

Semantic bit is kinda interesting

[2019-08-09] eh, looks like you need to import the document in it http://neonion.org/userdocs/index.html

[2019-09-15] also project hasn't been updated for a while

[2019-09-28] Orger: plaintext reflection of your digital self /r/orgmode

You may also be interested in GNU Hyperbole.

recoll: index downloads so it's easy to recall recent downloads? also nead to clean older indexed stuff [[pkm]]

Zeal [[search]]

Why Use Hyperbole (Use Cases)


helm-ag would be useful to exclude file [[people]] [[pkm]]

think which of my workflows could be made available for more general public and how [[think]] [[pkm]]

[2019-10-17] NOTE: A (Python 3) fork is actively maintained here · Issue 74 · koniu/recoll-webui


NOTE: A (Python 3) fork is actively maintained here

[2019-10-19] Doug's 1968 Demo - Doug Engelbart Institute


[2019-10-31] something similar to swoop for firefox would be nice. could implement in surfingkeys? [[think]] [[search]]

https://github.com/eli-oat [[people]] [[pkm]]

[2019-11-06] Brendan Schlagel on Twitter: "Petition to rebrand "personal knowledge management" > "personal librarianship" -broader remit (more to gain from reading than "knowledge") -sounds cooler & friendlier -could be a good theme / brand for https://t.co/Fd9MpAjnDj! (con: "personal librarian" has another meaning…" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/schlagetown/status/1191814458957418497 >

Petition to rebrand "personal knowledge management" > "personal librarianship"

-broader remit (more to gain from reading than "knowledge")
-sounds cooler & friendlier
-could be a good theme / brand for http://antilibrari.es!

(con: "personal librarian" has another meaning…)

Ask HN: How do you organize document digests / personal knowledge? | Hacker News


Special account that favs my interesting tweets for a feed [[pkm]] [[search]] [[toblog]]

Run linkchecker against all links produced by me [[pkm]] [[promnesia]]

Tags for hn via nlp summaries? [[hackernews]]

Guy who thought about pkm issues [[pkm]]

I have thought about these issues a lot; especially lately. With regards to being able to scrape your data or just get your data back from 3rd party's, I think that's a losing battle. You need to be in control of your data before it gets to them. Web sites and APIs are constantly changing and sometimes just disappear. This idea of polling for changes seems very brittle and would never be up to date.

What I picture is an a program that you use to store your own microblogs, blogs, contacts, comments, etc. and then you publish to whoever from that app via their API or crawling.

Imagine you just created a new microblog entry. You can now either post to your Twitter, Mastodon, etc. accounts with the click of a button. You would have to poll for replies though and it would be up to you to store them if you wished (you probably want to if you are storing your replies). As an added benefit you could see the replies in one place instead of bouncing between two sites.

The point is, when you create the data, it's yours first. Then if you want to, you can post it other places. Tools like this are abundant for businesses, but we don't seem to build tools for actual people anymore.

Ask on HN how to read it so it's fair to everyone? [[outbox]] [[pkm]]

E.g. I'm going through show hn and ask hn
I have to vote without checking out sometimes, otherwise the link gets buried
Wish there were tags or smth similar to prioritize

find random python scripts around file system? [[pkm]]

What I wish I knew before joining Mastodon - By [[mastodon]] [[api]]

Mastodon, of course! #Mastodon is consistently the №1 hashtag people used, according to a Trendbot that tracks trending hashtags.

Managing my personal knowledge base | Hacker News

The API is supposed to be released soon. I intend to either build a backup workflow myself or use other tools that will get developed then.

[2019-12-23] perkeep/gphotos-cdp: This program uses the Chrome DevTools Protocol to drive a Chrome session that downloads your photos stored in Google Photos. [[pkm]]


This program uses the Chrome DevTools Protocol to drive a Chrome session that downloads your photos stored in Google Photos.

error handling would be nice to extract as well, e.g. errorhelper[[exports]]

Except with google it’s becoming impossible to find links from several years ago… | Hacker News


maybe I need some sort of 'seen' state for stuff in links.org [[pkm]]

or, only mark as todo when I've seen it. I guess makes more sense

might be nice to keep 'iteration' of how often I explored the link [[pkm]]

[2020-02-12] fuck, could actually integrate promnesia with emacs? that's be fucking insane. [[promnesia]]

need to treat tags and priorities as transient.. othewise too much friction [[pkm]]

Tweet from @blakeir

https://twitter.com/blakeir/status/1236086912659660800 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/blakeir/status/1236086912659660800>pull</button>
@blakeir: Request for Startup:
A bookmark app that auto-triggers to save when I take a screenshot.
My phone’s camera roll is full of interesting sites, stories, tweets, Reddit posts, etc. that I always come back to.

[2019-12-28] Tips on using the Remembrance agent? : emacs [[pkm]]


Orgzly Workflow Showcase?


Tweet from @rektide

<https://twitter.com/rektide/status/1246848335379652608 >

@rektide: @mpweiher @johnelliottDC your essay resonates a lot with me. i think the biggest most overwhelming thing for me is that it feels like software has gotten no more approachable.
folks like the @malleablesys seem like rare beacons in the dark, less interested in big bang of dev & more in adaptability.

the more I read news etc on PKM, the more it feels like I'm already on the cutting edge, know more than 99.99% of people about it and have collected all the low hanging fruit [[pkm]]

[2019-11-28] Profile: grblovrflowerrr | Hacker News [[people]] [[pkm]]


Thinking about humans, computers, and humans talking to computers.

[2019-12-03] https://news.ycombinator.com/threads?id=grblovrflowerrr

[2019-12-03] https://www.notion.so/Building-Blocks-For-The-Future-Of-Computing-7f74066de66749d59939a91ab13ec960

[2019-11-28] Yoshiki Schmitz


I'm a software developer that also tinkers in design. My goal is to create better tools for expressing and realizing ideas.

email/tweet at archive.org team about t.co links? [[hpi]] [[linkrot]]

[2020-05-01] Voice capture org-mode tasks on Android – Org mode Exocortex [[org]] [[dictation]]

[2020-01-16] axa-group/Parsr: Transforms PDF, Documents and Images into Enriched Structured Data

I guess could use it for some pdf extraction?

[2019-07-06] public voit - Homepage of Karl Voit [[german]] [[pkm]]


[2019-07-06] git: post-commit hook for determining large number of deleted lines in Org-mode (paranoid) [[git]] [[setup]]


[2019-07-06] My Personal Emacs History


My passion for PIM and the quest for the best PIM tools and methods out there resulted in a pretty advanced setup I've got. Meanwhile, I do almost anything within Emacs and Org-mode: todos, errands, project management, calendar/agenda, contact management, reference management, bookmark collection, knowledge base management, blogging, doing spreadsheet, presentations, quantified self, managing files such as photographs, accessing all kinds of data about me, and many more.

[2019-07-06] The Perfect Tool to Organize Your Digital Life (Emacs Org mode)


[2019-07-06] Evolutional Steps of Computer Systems


[2019-07-06] The Tag «decentralization»


In my opinion, federated or decentralized systems are much stronger and prone to surveillance.

[2019-07-06] Going Back to Analog


 This can be interpreted as a new era of Biedermeier, a new kind of Digital Cocooning.

I, personally, try to come up with a digital solution which includes avoiding the cloud and promoting decentralization and DIY solutions which are using open source software and open protocols.

[2019-07-06] Karl Voit (@n0v0id) | Twitter


[2019-07-06] About


[2019-07-06] My Dependencies on the Cloud


[2019-07-06] You Can't Control Your Data in the Cloud


[2019-09-26] Venkatesh Rao on Twitter: "1/ There are some interesting lessons in the failure of bookmarking as a category" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/vgr/status/738449044742115328 >

1/ There are some interesting lessons in the failure of bookmarking as a category

[2019-10-17] jethrokuan/braindump: knowledge repository managed with org-mode and deft.


knowledge repository managed with org-mode and deft. https://braindump.jethro.dev/

share feedbin subscriptions? [[self]] [[rss]]

[2020-05-13] TreeSheets

A "hierarchical spreadsheet" that is a great replacement for spreadsheets, mind mappers, outliners, PIMs, text editors and small databases.

Tweet from @kwharrison13

<https://twitter.com/kwharrison13/status/1275117874911211523 >

@kwharrison13: @L1AD @deeeepka @azeem @RoamResearch @Conaw I use it as a personal CRM and it’s never been better because I can have people in context with my thoughts. As I’m reading an article I can just tag their name in a note I take and next time I’m on a call with them I have those in my side bar as talking points.

https://github.com/Overdr0ne/sfs (search file system)


[2020-06-13] New Discord PKM community /r/Zettelkasten

Hey folks there's a server for knowledge management, the idea is for it to be tool agnostic and to help the different communities exchange workflows and ideas. Check it out:


[2020-01-30] (1) Ildar Karimov on Twitter: "@artemzin @karlicoss Google desktop app was able to inject a lot of local/private data into search results but discontinued in 2011 :(" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/the_very/status/1223022048945016832 >

Google desktop app was able to inject a lot of local/private data into search results but discontinued in 2011 :(

[2020-03-20] "🌞New Video: Combining Note-Taking and Spaced Repetition (SR) I talked about: 1. Integrating SR questions in permanent notes 2. adding SR questions while journaling 3. learning new words and phrases 4. using quick capture for SR https://t.co/OIvzV36bU5 https://t.co/iX1ZAzEcMs" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/ShuOmi3/status/1240985230229430272 >

New Video:
Combining Note-Taking and Spaced Repetition (SR)
I talked about:
1. Integrating SR questions in permanent notes
2. adding SR questions while journaling
3. learning new words and phrases
4. using quick capture for SR

[2020-06-11] OpenAI API [[pkm]]

The API allows for parsing text into spreadsheet tables, summarizing email discussions, expanding content from bullet points, and more.

[2020-07-01] Dan Girshovich - Zettelkasten [[pkm]]

Tweet from @mekarpeles

<https://twitter.com/mekarpeles/status/1281494830372335619 >

@mekarpeles: Write things down. Leave notes. Make checklists. Review periodically. Keep logs. Record everything. Make backups. Keep a Zettelkasten. Use a memex. Date & tag documents. Connect and map like ideas. Keep a central index. Decentralize. Make things content addressable.

[2020-08-24] My takeaway from the recent trend in articles talking about how great the Zettel… | Hacker News

My takeaway from the recent trend in articles talking about how great the Zettelkasten method is:

Document what you do, as if you were describing your work and/or learning to a stranger. That stranger is you, in 6 months to 5 years time.

example/demo: enabling properties export for my blog [[elisp]] [[toblog]]

found that answer in google

suggests looking at org-export-with-properties

ok, SPC j v org-export-with-properties

ends up at ox.el

select org-export-with-properties and SPC RET for swoop 1

swoop through, nothing

SPC s d for directory search

aha! ox-publish.el

and finally swoop to org-export–skip-p in ox.el
so apparently it sets property-drawer and calls something else with the context?
SPC s d – aha, bunch of files including ox-html!

(property-drawer . org-html-property-drawer)

and we finally found the guilty party

(defun org-html-property-drawer (property-drawer contents _info)
"Transcode a PROPERTY-DRAWER element from Org to HTML.
CONTENTS holds the contents of the drawer. INFO is a plist
holding contextual information."
(and (org-string-nw-p contents)
(format "<pre class=\"example\">\n%s" contents)))

alraban/org-recoll: A lightweight emacs org-mode wrapper for the recoll full-text search engine


Group hn posts to figure out what to filter? Not sure.. [[pkm]] [[hackernews]]

motivation for searching over my own posts: quick plaintext interface that works offline [[motivation]] [[pkm]]

in your tweets/toots etc there are prompts for longer materials form discussions with other people

[2020-03-09] Pinboard: Bookmark Detail


A Complete Guide to Tagging for Personal Knowledge Management

[2020-03-09] Pinboard: Bookmark Detail


Ask HN: Favorite note-taking software? | Hacker News

[2020-03-09] Pinboard: Bookmark Detail


Knowledge Management
28 days ago by gnf00x  copy to mine

[2020-03-09] Pinboard: Bookmark Detail


Knowledge Management Systems: The Ultimate Guide
4 weeks ago by gnf00x  copy to mine

[2020-03-10] Mesh on Twitter: "@Conaw hell to the yes. Roam is so powerful it needs to be at the OS level and maybe beyond. 🤖 I saw mercury OS and immediately thought of Roam, it just intuitively fit. https://t.co/84MtykKJLu" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/meshachthomas/status/1237247575650004994 >

hell to the yes. Roam is so powerful it needs to be at the OS level and maybe beyond.
Robot face
I saw mercury OS and immediately thought of Roam, it just intuitively fit.

wonder if for me this roam thing could be replaced with 'virtual pages', based on properties? [[pkm]] [[roam]]

then you build a graph based on the property. your notes aren't scattered across the filesystem that way
now and then you can overview the notes based on this property and merge them if necessary
or maybe it's a thing enclosed in {}? but then it's tricky to process by org-mode
org maybe [] anchor?

search in images with ripgrep-all (rga) [[setup]] [[pkm]]

rga ipa . --rga-adapters=+pdfpages,tesseract -g '*.jpg'

could add a ripgrep config for image type??

[2020-04-11] David Laing on Twitter: "I'm stunned by @andymatuschak's notes at https://t.co/DBxJzZrS2q—both their content and their form. I'm taking inspiration for my own site. I know almost nothing about web development, but yesterday I figured out how to make previews for internal links. Next up, backlinks! https://t.co/dNeJDOoKBG" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/davidklaing/status/1248886149625438208 >

I'm stunned by @andy_matuschak
's notes at https://notes.andymatuschak.org—both their content and their form.

I'm taking inspiration for my own site. I know almost nothing about web development, but yesterday I figured out how to make previews for internal links. Next up, backlinks!

[2020-04-13] The Curse of Xanadu: the longest-running vaporware in computing (1995) | Lobsters [[xanadu]]

enkiv2 avatar enkiv2 2 hours ago | link |

I am. I worked on the version covered in this article, and also on the previous release. Since 2014, another (totally independent) web-based version has been released.

wow that's fascinating

Nototo is a spatial note-taking app. It lets you build an ever-expanding, topographical map containing your notes and writing. The app is designed this way to take advantage of another aspect of spatial interfaces: our brains remember spaces better than raw information. In this regard, Nototo is like a software manifestation of a memory palace.

Spatial Software
in context

blocking site from search [[search]]

This used to be built-in to google itself. You could choose to block a site from future results from any results page. But they killed it, along with forum search, code search, usenet search, and so many other useful things.

[2020-07-03] [america hater sarahzrf on Twitter: "god damn its nice to be able to just type a few keywords from a title into zotero's search instead of having to remember what shitty filename i saved something under" / Twitter](https://twitter.com/sarah_zrf/status/1279055034798440449 )

god damn its nice to be able to just type a few keywords from a title into zotero's search instead of having to remember what shitty filename i saved something under

Tweet from @andymatuschak <https://twitter.com/andy_matuschak/status/1278498290296745984 >

@andy_matuschak: Some people collect stamps; I’ve been collecting unusual applications of spaced repetition systems.
I realized today that I haven’t yet solicited the power of Twitter here! What weird use cases have you found?
My running list: notes.andymatuschak.org/zrs5Gn...

Tweet from @cjpais

https://twitter.com/cj_pais/status/1280315415491559424 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/cj_pais/status/1280315415491559424>pull</button>
@cj_pais: Some initial ideas for 'feeds' I will be generating
I'm thinking that these 'deeper'/semantic feeds will provide insight, especially in a collaborative environment

blog – move to phone (after reinstall?) [[pkm]]

archived stuff – use .ignore file? [[pkm]]

This is my personal human computer interaction interface https://github.com/codygman/hci [[search]]

have symlinks to files in my knowledge from the repositories? e.g. promnesia/hpi. allow following symlinks for certain types? [[pkm]]

[2020-08-26] logseq (@logseq) / Twitter [[pkm]] [[exobrain]]

right, def need to try it out, seems it has publishing or something?

Tweet from Nat Eliason (@nateliason), at Jan 9, 07:21

Alright, it's alive!
3,000+ words on @RoamResearch, including why it's better than Evernote / Notion, and how I'm using it.
TOC includes:
1. Why Roam?
3. Roam as a Second Brain
4. Roam for Productivity
5. Limitations
6. Getting Started
cc @Conaw

https://twitter.com/nateliason/status/1214943106581385216 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/nateliason/status/1214943106581385216>pull</button>

[2019-05-10] Markor v1.8 - All new file browser, favourites and faster Markdown preview /r/fossdroid

go through all the ANN documents, wonder if any annotations are inside… [[pkm]]

maybe instead of PKM use KM? the shorter it is the easier it is maybe? [[pkm]]

[2019-05-21] Keeping Found Things Found: The Book | Keeping Found Things Found [[pkm]]


[2019-07-27] Tweet from Andy Matuschak (@andymatuschak), at Jul 27, 01:00 [[pkm]]

@nicknikolov @marcinignac @context_ing Yes, they get modified in-place. I run the backlinks janitor at night. I also have this little bot, which I've published: https://t.co/mOy7RIsnn9
https://twitter.com/andy_matuschak/status/1154904280853204992 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/andy_matuschak/status/1154904280853204992>pull</button>

[2019-11-21] Samuel Breese [[pkm]]


Most of my personal data is managed using the excellent git-annex.

comments duplicate.. [[polar]]

Tweet from Tiago Forte (@fortelabs), at Aug 26, 04:03 How to read non-fiction books [[reading]]

How to read non-fiction books:
1. Read first 30%
2. Stop & save highlights to a digital notes app
3. Add summary of how/when you think this material would be most useful
4. Search these notes next time you start a project
5. Finish reading books most likely to be useful

<https://twitter.com/fortelabs/status/1165822145550663680 >

[2019-01-17] RaRe-Technologies/gensim: Topic Modelling for Humans [[nlp]] [[infextraction]]


[2019-06-20] Download | Open Semantic Search


Open Semantic Desktop Search is the all in one package for desktop users as virtual machine image configured for search on your own desktop computer or laptop running on Linux, Windows or iOS for Mac.

[2019-07-23] https://www.opensemanticsearch.org/doc/datamanagement/annotation

so, it integrates with Hypothesis? https://www.opensemanticsearch.org/doc/datamanagement/annotation/hypothesis

[2019-07-23] looks a bit manual otherwise though

[2019-07-23] not many results on pinboard

pkm python package for quickly adding things to my todo list? [[pkm]]

[2019-02-06] a python my.todos.add function would be cool

not sure, maybe appending entries is ok?…

actually pinboard could be used as org export… or sync one tag from org to pinboard tag? [[pinboard]] [[pkm]] [[org]]

Generate from backup

diagram of my tasks dependencies (also completed ones?) [[pkm]]

[2019-05-19] modifying reading stats (number of books read and hours read)? - MobileRead Forums


For events 1, 36, 52 and 79 there seem to be only one row.

There are some inconsistencies. Both events 46 and 80 count page turns, but they don't match. The count for 80 is always less than for 46. It is possible that 46 is counting screens and 80 page numbers. The value for 46 is what is on the stats screen for the current book.

When I have looked at ExtraData, it tends to be made up of a series of timestamps. I suspect that for events like 1020 and 1021, it is a list of the times when the event occurred. The pairs from the two events might be used to calculate the minutes per session and hours read. The only problem with that, is that the counts don't match for the book I am currently reading. I am confident of the meaning of the events, but there seems to be occasions when the close is not recorded.

[2019-05-16] New tool: KM for digital collections/structured data /r/knowledgemanagement

Hi everyone,
I wanted to share a new knowledge management tool called [Gist](https://www.gistapp.com), for exploring data visually and adding context to digital collections.
Full disclosure—I'm the founder. Gist is a spin-off from [Schema](https://www.schemadesign.com), a data visualization design firm based in Seattle. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on the tool—whether you think it would be useful, and how you would best describe it. Since it spans so many usecases, from KM for internal teams to "memory organizations" (museums, libraries, archives) and research organizations, finding a way to describe it to all audiences has been an interesting challenge.
I'd be curious to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

[2019-05-16] Org-mode Hidden Gems - 03 Hyperlinks /r/orgmode

[2019-06-13] Juan Campa on Twitter: "Dataspace is a fascinating concept by @natecull, reminds me a bit of @urbit and of course Membrane. https://t.co/SNXwAeA46ahttps://t.co/4gEnZHUO2K"

<https://twitter.com/juancampa/status/1030555210517815296 >

Dataspace is a fascinating concept by @natecull, reminds me a bit of @urbit and of course Membrane.

[2019-06-22] HowTo: Building Personal Index for Data Discovery - Virtuoso Universal Server / Tips, Tricks, and HowTos - OpenLink Software Community

huh… found in KM tag

[2019-04-05] zadam/trilium: Build your personal knowledge base with Trilium Notes [[pkm]]


[2019-06-13] erm, I guess it's not plaintext…

[2019-06-27] Non-fiction books: a waste of time? oO


I make highlights & put bookmarks (using Kindle's built-in functionality, integrated with Goodreads) EVERY TIME I find something thought-provoking

[2019-09-05] Using Org-Brain


Links are at times illogical
Naming conventions can be confusing
It’s a lot more work to create a knowledge representation with this tool than with a graphics-based tool (such as, say, Cmap Tools)
You can only visualize part of the representation at a time
Documentation is sketchy and sometimes misleading
I don’t think it scales well to very large maps and multiple maps
You’ll have to experiment a lot to get the hang of it

[2019-11-01] Youtoofy



RSS it not really helpful; doesn't show diff… [[github]] [[pkm]] [[rss]]

[2020-03-24] Metaformat · GitBook


Tweet from @Conaw Aspirations and inspirations thread https://t.co/YrwBJiP6dk

<https://twitter.com/Conaw/status/1209412548736385025 >

Tweet from @round [[axol]]

https://twitter.com/round/status/1240043788078211072 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/round/status/1240043788078211072>pull</button>
@round: 🐦🔗🔍 Twitter Links Extension beta update:
More UI improvements including the ability to switch between ‘Latest’ and ‘Top’ tweets. Also tested to work perfectly on @MicrosoftEdge.
Go ahead give it a spin and and send me your feedback!

https://t.co/btoBlnqk4e https://t.co/pEyI7N5EhY

https://github.com/houshuang/Treeverse [[twitter]] [[pkm]]

[2019-08-06] Visakan Veerasamy on Twitter: "I usually talk about this in the context of personal knowledge management, about fun things like keeping track of quotes and riffs and blogpost ideas. Usually this is about me helping other (usually younger) scatterbrained people https://t.co/uPoy7Qw00j" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/visakanv/status/1157630882879926272 >

I usually talk about this in the context of personal knowledge management, about fun things like keeping track of quotes and riffs and blogpost ideas. Usually this is about me helping other (usually younger) scatterbrained people

[2019-09-20] vimoutliner/vimoutliner: Work fast, think well.


[2019-11-17] WICG/ScrollToTextFragment: Proposal to allow specifying a text snippet in a URL fragment


ugh, massive duplication in неореакция-конспирология. wtf??? [[infra]] [[vk]]

e.g. search by 'whatsapp'

Archived tag – prefix with underscore? [[org]]

Tweet from @Conaw [[pkm]] [[memory]]

<https://twitter.com/Conaw/status/1230685750837923840 >

@Conaw: Can't think of a better Hollywood clip to represent @RoamResearch and my life
"Don't you remember?"
"I wrote it down in my diary so I wouldn't HAVE TO REMEMBER"
But then, more importantly - what the grail quest is actually about - and what relationships w people on them is like twitter.com/ultimape/status/11...

Tweet from @RoamBrain

<https://twitter.com/RoamBrain/status/1232026686499090432 >

@RoamBrain: The RoamBrain website has just launched. It is an independent information and resource hub for @RoamResearch serving both people new to Roam and more advanced users. RoamCult RoamBrain.com

[2020-03-09] Pinboard: Bookmark Detail


space and times

[2020-03-13] tool for Twitter Timeline Search. Analytics & filters for Twitter Accounts [[twitter]]

explore accounts; find best tweets

right, urls separated by commas… not ideal? [[twint]]


[2020-04-26] How to annotate literally everything | beepb00p

Nice work! However it is possible to search through annotations using emacs pdf-tools, actually the search and filter functions are quite powerful in the annotation tablist, but you need to show contents first in the tablist buffer by customizing the pdf-annot-list-format variable (more info is found in issue 553: https://github.com/politza/pdf-tools/issues/553). The annotation tablist functionality is more or less only documented in its major-mode info. The code for the search function posted in that issue works nice also (actually it works better than searching via the tablist because there is a bug in the tablist search as mentioned in the comments of that issue).

Additionally I read that you don't like to use the mouse to add annotations. With the code in the pdf-avy-highlight.el file in this repository: https://github.com/dalanicolai/dala-emacs-lisp it is possible to highlight text and add comments (if you set to open them automatically by toggling the Pdf Annot Activate Created Annotations to "on" in the pdf-annot group in the customization menu) with only the keyboard using avy. You should should add your own shortcut for it (the one in the file is for use in Spacemacs). Unfortunately it does not work more conveniently than using the mouse. But I just like to point out the possibilities and versatility of emacs and pdf-tools...

[2020-04-14] phiresky/ripgrep-all: rga: ripgrep, but also search in PDFs, E-Books, Office documents, zip, tar.gz, etc.

Learn to remember things. Its super useful and saves lots of context switch [[memory]]

maybe do dual n-back? [[nback]]

[2018-07-07] actually, if I really try hard, I do seem to memorise. However I'd like it to be more passive

[2019-07-30] eh, I think I'm fine. I haven't been annoyed at forgeting things since don't know when

[2020-10-07] Ceasar Bautista (@CeasarBautista) / Twitter [[pkm]] [[social]]

I've been writing my own encyclopedia at http://memex.cc for 7 years. Read a lot of tech, econ, science, philosophy. Sharing the things that surprise me here.

[2020-05-16] Ask HN: Is there a search engine which excludes the world's biggest websites? [[search]]


[2020-05-25] Show HN: A Firefox add-on to strip Google search results of 'blacklisted' URLs


Tweet from @posobin show to lunachev?

<https://twitter.com/posobin/status/1318696146508877834 >

@posobin: 1. Go to a web page.
2. Amplify it.
3. When people that follow you on ampie google for a relevant query, they will get that page on the right side of the google results. https://t.co/s7KuQP888G

Malleable Systems: Software must be as easy to change as it is to use it

Malleable Systems: Software must be as easy to change as it is to use it - https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22857551

setup gnome tracker? [[search]]

[2020-10-25] Xapian - Wikipedia [[outbox]]

post about desktop search engines?

[2020-10-25] FabriceColin/pinot: Personal search and metasearch for the Free Desktop [[search]] [[pkm]]

eh, it's very simplistic..

[2019-12-08] information queue? [[pkm]] [[search]] [[toblog]]

[2020-03-06] Using Anki to remember what you read


meh. fuck youtube playlists, I can't even comment on why videos are interesting [[pkm]]

  • manage playlists in exobrain
  • sync playlists with youtube
  • in each playlists description add a link to exobrain playlist

[2020-01-25] Re: [koniu/recoll-webui] NOTE: A (Python 3) fork is actively maintained here (74)

[koniu/recoll-webui] NOTE: A (Python 3) fork is actively maintained here

[2020-01-30] dessant/web-archives: 📦 Browser extension for viewing archived and cached versions of web pages


package Browser extension for viewing archived and cached versions of web pages

[2020-05-12] Thinking Tools - Electric bicycles for the mind

[2020-12-16] subscribe?

I need to stop caring so much about priorities. they change anyway and mean very little for other people [[org]] [[exobrain]]

need to display how deep is the item in agenda, otherwise hard to prioritize.. [[org]]

pinborg pkm [[pkm]] [[ml]]

Ok pretty cool, but I think it's a bit too elaborate for me

[2019-02-06] read it a while ago, but should do again, now that I have my own tool

[2019-07-23] huh, actually now I'm really thinking it makes sense lol

[2019-07-20] KnownSpace Links [[pkm]]


Today's desktops are two decades old. They were hot biscuits then, but stale and crumbly---and moldy---bread today.

[2019-08-13] dunno, everything looks pretty outdated

[2019-12-18] silo - IndieWeb [[toblog]] [[pkm]]


Figure out todo for gmail

[2019-06-13] ugh. ifttt can't even create a custom

[2018-07-17] emacsomancer comments on So I just discovered org mode. Head = blown. [[org]] [[pkm]] [[annotation]]

interleave, org-noter

[2019-12-22] datapuller


austil 1 day ago [-]
Hey, I'm on this journey too ! https://github.com/austil/datapuller

[2019-12-24] I mean it's ok, but not as elaborate as mine..

evaluating feedbin to replace feedly [[rss]]

  • State "STRT" from "TODO" [2019-04-17]

[2019-04-27] till 2 May?

Tweet from Patrick Collison (@patrickc), at Jul 23, 16:40

Is there a good @Pocket / @Instapaper alternative that reliably stores content for offline reading and handles PDFs properly? (Not sure about Instapaper, but Pocket only manages to render saved content ~70% of the time.)

<https://twitter.com/patrickc/status/1153691264983764996 >

[2018-11-12] MindForger - Thinking Notebook and Markdown IDE


review it and compare with org-mode?

add it to searchalert?? [[axol]]

obstacles to more effecient PKM [[emacs]] [[pkm]] [[setup]] [[toblog]]

next, search. my SPC S thing is pretty good already would be nice to have it available both in emacs and in shell. put in a config file, read it at emacs startup ok, they even share a config. nice

use S for searching info in terminal [[habit]] [[pkm]]

recoll config, share it [[setup]]

next, indexing search. Use that plugin for indexing thing at home make sure I can easily tag match against all accessible org entries, would be nice to have agenda view for them ok, org-tags-view kinda do that? org-search-view! the only (possibly) annoying thing is everything has to contribute to agenda? so could set custom scope (with some cache?)

maybe I need something caching all agenda entries? cause it could e too slow…

automatic searches for interesting topics [[axol]]

[2019-12-23] Generate RSS feeds for any web page | PolitePol [[rss]]


[2020-05-16] hmm, this is ought to be a bookmarklet?

[2019-12-20] hckr news - Hacker News sorted by time [[hackernews]]


Google search [[search]]

I've been prefixing all my searches with reddit and then filtering by within last month or last year, and something seems to have changed lately. The reddit results say some number of days within the time constraint, but then the result is actually years old which makes it all pointless. This is literally the only way I search google right now because their results are so spammy otherwise.

[2019-06-23] Resorting Media Ratings - Gwern.net


huh, this is somewhat similar to what I was doing with IMDB?

Tweet from Yoshiki 義樹 (@yoshikischmitz), at Dec 7, 02:13 [[notion]]

But it was definitely enlightening to me just how important the browsing(reading?) experience is to a knowledge-base, perhaps more than the writing experience. It's definitely the first thing I'll evaluate in future apps,  and something I'll think about how it can be done better.

<https://twitter.com/yoshikischmitz/status/1203135482655232000 >

[2019-11-21] Twitter analytics & stats for user @fortelabs | Social Bearing [[twitter]]

cool thing, might be good to overview accounts

Google search [[search]] [[google]]

I miss the days when I could search with AND, OR, +word and -word. Now if I search google with more than one word it no longer searches the internet. Instead it searches for ads that are somewhat similar to my query and features those. Any useful links on the first page are accidental.

https://github.com/BurntSushi/ripgrep/issues/1497 indexing ripgrep

I want an extension to do this [[hackernews]] [[totweet]] [[pkm]]

flag all news sites (and medium)
anyone knows of something like it?

for (const z of $x("//a[@class='storylink']")) {
    const u = new URL(z.href)
    const host = u.hostname.replace('www.', '');
    const bad = new Set(['medium.com', 'bbc.co.uk', 'theregister.co.uk', 'techcrunch.com', 'reuters.com', 'uk.reuters.com', 'bbc.com', 'nytimes.com', 'theguardian.com', 'bloomberg.com', 'gizmodo.com', 'washingtonpost.com', 'theatlantic.com', 'buzzfeednews.com', 'theverge.com', 'npr.org', 'vox.com', 'mashable.com', 'edition.cnn.com', 'wsj.com', 'cnn.com', 'independent.co.uk', 'onezero.medium.com']).has(host)
    if (bad) { z.style.color = '#ff000044'; z.nextSibling.children[0].style.color = '#ff000044' } else {    console.log(host); }

[2020-05-31] media.ccc.de - The Advantages of File Name Conventions and Tagging [[towatch]] [[pkm]]

people working on PKM things with examples of products etc [[toblog]]

[2020-06-21] GTD Gmail: Inbox Zero and Optimized Email Workflow [[gtd]]

[2019-06-22] W3C Web Annotation Working Group [[pkm]] [[annotation]]


[2019-06-27] <https://twitter.com/mrgunn/status/1129033408628133888 >

[2019-06-27] https://web.hypothes.is/blog/annotation-is-now-a-web-standard/

[2017-07-27] YSK: You can see deleted posts by replacing the "r" in "reddit" with a "c" in the URL. [[reddit]]

[2019-11-21] twitter - Find the most liked tweet from an account - Web Applications Stack Exchange [[twitter]]


Pop your handle into Social Bearing's Twitter Handle Search: Found Here. A dashboard should come up with all their tweets.

A super clean organization system does not actually help us retain knowledge. Rather, such system requires so much maintenance effort that it subverts the very thing that it promises to do–help us learn–. I ended up expanding an exorbitant amount of time managing tags, keywords, and hierarchy of data that I may never even retrieve. All in all, organizing knowledge should never become the goal when building a personal knowledge base. [[pkm]] [[toblog]]

How I Built a Personal Knowledge Base for Myself
in context

StorexHub is our offline-first API and plugin platform that allows you to work with Memex data outside of the browser. But it also works between different apps, making it a bit like an offline-first Zapier. You can query Memex data, listen to changes or write to its database. [[worldbrain]]

Vision, Mission & Values — 2020 Update
in context

https://mobile.twitter.com/ankitmalik/status/1227636734478831618 [[annotation]] [[gadget]]


Nova Boox Pro e-ink writer similar to remarkable?

When you run into a new YT channel, go through it on computer, add good videos to a separate playlist, then watch without hassle [[pkm]] [[habit]]

Fuzzy Anchoring – Hypothesis [[annotation]] [[hypothesis]]


[2019-07-04] Discovering Hypothes.is | Luis Puerto [[hypothesis]]


[2019-10-10] Just an ok overview, I think I cover same if not more

[2019-07-06] Overview of the Hypothesis System : Overview of the Hypothesis System [[hypothesis]]


[2020-05-27] Subscribe Hypothesis annotations [[hypothesis]]


[2019-03-17] Building a Second Brain: Capturing, Organizing, and Sharing Knowledge Using Digital Notes - YouTube [[pkm]]

eh, nothing too exciting

[2019-02-13] Designing a Personal Knowledgebase – A Curious Mix [[pkm]]


[2019-04-13] ok, his system is not flexible enough for me, but somments are decent in terms of motivation and showing different approaches to pkm

[2019-12-04] I suppose it's more of a research assistant/references tool, so not exactly for me [[zotero]]

[2019-06-23] HighlightAll – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US) [[search]]

doesn't seem like it can do specific predefined search terms

[2019-03-12] Tagging is Broken | Praxis [[pkm]]


[2020-07-01] Searchfox [[search]]

[2019-05-10] Internet Search Tips - Gwern.net [[pkm]] [[search]]


[2019-06-13] ok, not so useful for me, but might be good to recommend to newbies

[2019-12-02] you will forget things [[exobrain]] [[motivation]]

> Most of your life is not fun
> Your loved ones don't want every piece of your daily minutiae, really, they don't
I'm not sure what to say to this. Try to have more fun? :)

 > You never forget the best times, the rest is unimportant
Empirically untrue, sadly. From reminiscing with friends, it's clear that both they and I have forgotten some of the best times, since I remember some of the best times and have forgotten others, and vice versa. I can remember that I had quite a bit of fun during the late eighties, but the vast majority of the detail is gone. When I've written down decade-old memories and looked at them a decade after that, it really, really often happens that I'm disturbed at how differently I remembered that event when I was halfway closer to it than now. Human memory is so sketchy and malleable that it's just barely useful at all. :(


[2019-01-17] https://treeverse.app/ tool to navigate twitter threads [[twitter]]

[2018-11-07] JacobEvelyn/friends: Spend time with the people you care about. Introvert-tested. Extrovert-approved. [[social]] [[pkm]]


[2020-01-30] Build the ultimate personal knowledge management system /r/productivity [[pkm]]

Hi, thanks for that detailed comment and all the resources you linked! It'll take some time to look at all of them and transfer your knowledge to this project.
So I'm focused on developing Frontends, but I asked a friend who is very strong in building backends. We agreed that we have to try to develop a modern version org-mode with all the features we need.
Something like [https://remotestorage.io/](https://remotestorage.io/)  what [kureshii](https://www.reddit.com/user/kureshii/) mentioned. The base idea is to build a system based on Microservices which will be specialized in certain tasks, like file formats. But all of the services will be available through one unified API. And everybody can decide how they want to consume the data, we'll provide a JS Client Side Libary. E.g. I want a dedicated Notes and ToDo app, but also something an app to organize projects where I can See notes and todo lists in relation to a project. And due to the fact that everything will be Open Source everybody can build their own Microservice, eg to add a service to make iCloud files available.
And it'll be easy to set up because everything will be dockerized and hopefully up with only one command. And maybe in the long term we can think about a hosted version because I think that should be service everybody not only IT people should use. Yes, you lose the freedom to have everything on the server you want, but at least you have a centralized backup of all your data. And one of our focus topics will be an easy export function as markdown and if you want you could automize this to a 3rd party solution. But that's a long way to go :)
Due to the interest, I created a new Twitter account: [https://twitter.com/The\_Minerva\_](https://twitter.com/The_Minerva_)  and already a GitHub Org [https://github.com/Minerva-Development](https://github.com/Minerva-Development) .
I would be happy if we could stay in contact :)
Thank you!

PS: Yes we may reinvent the wheel, but we'll use what is already there, at least concepts and specs :)

[2019-12-09] As We May Think (1945) [[pkm]]


Piotr Limanowski 🔥 Reading for Programmers [[productivity]] [[pkm]]


Interleave mode nice, but only works for specific PDF file I'd imagine?

[2020-04-23] dbohdan/structured-text-tools: A list of command line tools for manipulating structured text data

kobo – can't highlight in pocket items… [[kobo]]

A Cosmology for a Different Computer Universe: Data Model, Mechanisms, Virtual Machine and Visualization Infrastructure | Nelson [[pkm]]

hmm interesting.
TLDR: each knowledge item participates in a linked list called 'dimension'

[2019-06-01] Capstone, a tablet for thinking [[inspiration]] [[pkm]]


[2019-06-14] I guess it's not for me, too fuzzy.. but could be good for artists etc

[2019-06-30] Software I like: PDF readers and manipulators [[annotation]]


Editing and annotating

[2019-02-13] A Complete Guide to Tagging for Personal Knowledge Management | Praxis [[tagging]] [[pkm]]


[2019-03-12] ok, nothing too enlightening I suppose

[2020-12-31] Personal Knowledge Management – The Fortune Labs [[toblog]] [[pkm]]

three step process

[2020-06-06] Why I take notes of everything I learn | Ramses' Blog [[pkm]] [[notes]]

[2019-02-11] Welcome! [[physics]] [[inspiration]] [[pkm]]

pretty cool in detail guide

[2019-07-16] TagSpaces - Your versatile file manager [[pkm]] [[tagging]]


  • [2019-07-23] dunno, maybe it could be useful for photo tagging, but that's not too high of priority to me now

[2021-01-17] Zotero best practices - Knowledge management - Obsidian Forum

[2020-12-31] Luca Ongaro - MiniSearch, a client-side full-text search engine [[search]]

MiniSearch offers an auto-suggestion feature out of the box. For example, for the partial search “uni”, MiniSearch could suggest “university”, “unicorn”, etc. The suggestions are calculated on the actual documents, and sorted by relevance. This feature can be used to implement auto-completion, like in the demo application shown above. Lunr does not currently offer this feature.

[2020-09-13] Web Clipper Browser Extension with Automatic Content Extraction, Now Open Source | Hacker News

[2020-04-01] You are my spirit animal. I just got a polar/readwise/orgmode/Anki setup togeth… | Hacker News [[remarkable]]


You are my spirit animal.
I just got a polar/readwise/orgmode/Anki setup together and I'd love to use this.

[2020-03-31] Kill the newsletter: Convert newsletters into RSS feeds | Hacker News [[rss]]


[2019-12-30] Hacker News RSS [[rss]] [[hackewnews]]


[2019-08-28] RomanPlusPlus/mindfilesResources: A collection of resources related to mindfiles (digital representations of your mind) [[github]] [[rss]]


You can also subcribe to changes using RSS.

huh, didn't know that!!

[2019-12-03] How to annotate literally everything | beepb00p [[kobo]] [[annotation]]


In .kobo/Kobo/Kobo ereader.conf, add [FeatureSettings] ExportHighlights=true

[2019-04-19] inspiration: About – A Curious Mix [[qs]] [[pkm]]

summary of software they use

using Reddit as search engine [[search]] [[reddit]] [[toblog]]


I'm interested in ways of fast processing of semistructured data like json (link to kython things?) [[toblog]] [[pkm]]

write about fmc? [[toblog]] [[pkm]]

[2019-12-02] Ask HN: How did you build up your personal knowledge base? | Hacker News


[2019-12-03] arguments for forgetting?

+1, I think this links well with Alan Kay's thoughts on book reading. Some of his insights from a (maybe famous) HN thread:

"Mind palace", forgetting, "relax!": https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11809676

"Oxbridge method": https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11805264

Not taking notes: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11853258

Build the ultimate personal knowledge management system - productivity


[2020-01-30] Digital Tools I Wish Existed | Hacker News [[pkm]]


What I see missing is an ecosystem of interoperable tools.
It would be great if I could have a location/format in which all my digital knowledge is stored. And then be able to use different tools which support multiple processes/flows:

- a flow for discovering content
- a flow for archiving the highlights I take on the web
- a flow for writing notes

it would be great if I could change any tool while keeping the flow intact.
The only thing that somehow mirrors this is Evernote + Readwise + IFTT. There are tons of integrations that allow you to populate Evernote from tweets, Highly, Kindle highlights, etc. What I would love is if I could easily swap Evernote with any other editor (e.g. Bear) without changing much.
I wouldn't mind paying for these tools I would just like this personal knowledge software to work in a way in which you can natively add blocks/functionality to it. Most of them have huger vendor lock in.

interesting approah; "content discovery flow" seems like a good post title?

https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=21653923 [[pkm]] [[annotation]]

Yes, this siloing stops me from using annotation features "native" to each app and format as such as well.
Instead, I prefer to exfiltrate information from the silos(apps, formats, etc) and put them into my note taking system. Then I can do highlights, annotations, etc. on my own terms and also get the benefits of centralization such as searching and linking(the OP has another post describing their own system, which is pretty cool[1]). Currently I'm using Notion, which is also a silo of its own, but it's one that gives me a lot of control over how I lay my information out(and an escape plan from).
There are a lot of perspectives on this issue with data silos and walled gardens. But I'm of the opinion that it's a fairly bad state for all of us "end users". Computers to me are about infinite flexibility and malleability, but ironically the tools we have for annotation and remixing are in practice worse than what we have in the physical world. Reading a book in the physical world, I can converse with the author simply by jotting marginalia with my pencil. It's fluid, intuitive, and the medium of paper encourages it(in fact it can't help but be mutated by my use!: pages get bended, stained, torn, etc.). If I want to go further I can add post-it notes to mark interesting passages, I can xerox some pages and create subsections, if it's a magazine I can just tear them all out! That kind of flexibility just isn't available on a computer.
I think it's worth thinking really hard why we're in this state, especially since computing pioneers were actually very optimistic that data and computing would be way more personally malleable than it is now(I've been working on a small comic on this theme myself[2]). For example, check out this short demo[3] of Smalltalk where Alan Kay hooks up a single frame from an animation of a bouncing ball to a painting program, to modify that one frame while also monitoring the loop. Smarter than paper, but way more flexible.

[1] https://beepb00p.xyz/pkm-search.html
[2] https://twitter.com/yoshikischmitz/status/1188455560045158400 <button class="pull-tweet" value=https://twitter.com/yoshikischmitz/status/1188455560045158400>pull</button>
[3] https://youtu.be/AnrlSqtpOkw?t=607

basically my thoughts

process .archive, but show them at the very end? similar with ignored files maybe? [[pkm]] [[search]]

[2020-12-28] https://github.com/jameslittle230/stork [[search]]

  • [2020-12-29] ugh shit. seems that it only supports document level granularity

rename to 'my personal knowledge and information' setup? also how to cope with fleshy body and brain? [[pkm]] [[infra]] [[toblog]]

[2020-05-03] Don't Do Complex Folder Hierarchies - They Don't Work and This Is Why and What to Do Instead [[toblog]] [[tagging]]

[2020-05-01] [(1) jestem króliczkiem on Twitter: "@cjpais I've had this existential crisis with browser bookmarks few years ago, which made me switch to Pinboard" / Twitter](https://twitter.com/karlicoss/status/1255935557110243328 ) [[toblog]] [[pkm]]

I've had this existential crisis with browser bookmarks few years ago, which made me switch to Pinboard

prompts for possible post about bookmarks…

[2021-01-17] annotation-talks

if you search the obsidian forums for Zotero best practices it's prob the best repository for all of that! I keep meaning to write all this out but haven't had the chance

[2021-01-25] Everything I Know – Wiki | Hacker News

Agree with your sentiment. Contextuality and Applicability are definitely two main components when it comes to knowledge acquisition. But there are people who just derive pleasure from learning, irrespective of whether the concepts are connected or disjoint, and I think it is very important that we have all variety of people, and encourage them into pursuing what gives them satisfaction.

[2021-01-20] RyanGreenup/cadmus: Shell Scripts to Facilitate Effective Note Taking [[pkm]]

[2019-12-30] The Zettelkasten Method - LessWrong 2.0 https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/NfdHG6oHBJ8Qxc26s/the-zettelkasten-method-1

[2019-07-06] Annotating Books! | Books & Writing Amino https://aminoapps.com/c/books/page/blog/annotating-books/oZid_uQnM4VY6XwzlqgmE8qNLENlEr

[2019-06-19] that's why we can't have nice PDFs : linux https://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/yr180/thats_why_we_cant_have_nice_pdfs/


[2020-01-05] What tools do you use to maintain a personal log/journal ? | Lobsters https://lobste.rs/s/peevtw/what_tools_do_you_use_maintain_personal

[2019-11-20] How to not use Google search - Shahinism https://shahinism.com/en/posts/alternative-to-google-search/ [[search]]

[2019-09-02] bryanph/GeistMap: A personal knowledge base/network with a focus on connections https://github.com/bryanph/GeistMap

[2020-05-07] returntocorp/semgrep: like grep but for code: fast and syntax-aware semantic code pattern search for many languages [[search]]

[2019-09-21] full-stack monastic 🧘‍♂️🗺 on Twitter: "tags are useful as a secondary organizational method, especially as the # of notes you have increases. don’t tag everything ahead of time. wait until you have many notes to process, then build structure. you can create custom tags specific to your profession or big projects. https://t.co/CtlOvTNDzm" / Twitter

<https://twitter.com/tasshinfogleman/status/1083157910257975298 >

tags are useful as a secondary organizational method, especially as the # of notes you have increases. don’t tag everything ahead of time. wait until you have many notes to process, then build structure. you can create custom tags specific to your profession or big projects.

[2021-01-03] Ask HN: What Do You Think? | Hacker News

The problem (IMHO) around notes, scheduling, and productivity apps is that they have only subset of features that a given user needs. User workflows are very unique and diverse. Some may prefer calendar integration, some may not. Others may prefer inline image support while some only require text. The examples are endless. It seems inevitable that a note/scheduling/productivity app can only bloat user experience while being in the infinite race to onboard features their users/competitors demand.

[2020-05-11] [Erik Allberg on Twitter: "As Erik's tweets get influence, I have to comment, with the risks of what is happening around networked text (Ex Roam, OrgRoam, OpenRoam, Athens, Dumbledore. ex. Live without 2nd brain? Risk @nntaleb Cult around Roam? Nah / Syntheism @Bardissimo Scenario:Dumbledore non-profit" / Twitter](https://twitter.com/ErikAllberg/status/1249924334325465089 )

As Erik's tweets get influence, I have to comment, with the risks of what is happening around networked text (Ex Roam, OrgRoam, OpenRoam, Athens, Dumbledore.

[2021-01-29] Artificial Brain Networked notebook app

table with comparison of note taking apps: roam/logseq/dendrom/org-roam etc

[2020-11-24] [ice9 on Twitter: "@tentontintin It's even more ambiguous at this point, given the useless new 'BERT' NLP system used for generating results– it routinely ignores terms from the query, even ones with obvious semantic importance, so results are often entirely irrelevant to the complete requested term set." / Twitter](https://twitter.com/__ice9/status/1214378560925970432 ) [[google]] [[search]]

It's even more ambiguous at this point, given the useless new 'BERT' NLP system used for generating results-- it routinely ignores terms from the query, even ones with obvious semantic importance, so results are often entirely irrelevant to the complete requested term set.

need "NEXT" todo entry? this would mean I need to actively act on something? [[pkm]]

[2021-04-29] soulisalmed/biff: Extract text and images from highlighted pdf generated with reMarkable tablet. [[pkm]] [[remarkable]]

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