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One of the particularities of writing about [[Flancia]] is that it seems to require a certain commitment, a belief in the feasibility of facts in possible futures.

  • Are there any [[openings]] in the middle that can be [[owned]] exclusively given current [[means]]?
  • [[Change]] [[angles]], go [[around]], [[under]], or [[over]].
  • What [[game]] has unlimited ([[nonlinear]]) upside?
  • Where do you get to [[play]] by different [[rules]] from your [[competition]]?
  • People [[worried]] about cults are mostly that way because they've already bought into a very big cult, and [[fear]] accidentally falling into a losing [[cult]].
  • Nothing increases [[confidence]] like [[doing]] the thing you do.
  • '[[People]] like us [[grow]]' may be the [[tribe]] to [[find]]. collapsed:: true
  • Feeling an affinity for the [[Tomahawk]]. The modern Tomahawk is a hybrid between Native American [[stone]] axes and English & French Naval boarding [[axes]]. Beautiful that it came back into American use in every [[war]], even against Army regulation at times.
  • Demigodhood is about the [[followers]], not the [[leader]]. A graceful leader accepts that [[place]], no matter the [[risk]].
  • The easiest way to get into a [[mind]] is to be [[first]] at something.
  • [[People]] only [[accept]] [[information]] that [[fits]] with their [[present]] state of [[mind]].
  • If you don't re-arrange your [[life]] to put the things most [[important]] to you [[first]], someone else will make what is only a little important to them most important for you.
  • All the elements of an [[ad]] are to get you to read the [[first]] sentence of the [[copy]]. collapsed:: true
  • [[Community]] and arbitrary [[authority]] are a [[zero-sum]] [[game]].
  • [[Resistance]] and high [[tension]] are signs of high [[potential]] [[energy]].
  • Keep [[lines]] of [[attack]] [[clear]].
  • Given that [[The Arena]] gets about $4 in [[profit]] for each [[sale]], 5000 books need to be [[sold]] to afford translators.
  • "Tinier always means faster." [[timing]] [[speed]] [[scale]]
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