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  • Let go of [[life]], and let it [[play]]. Playing, life [[flow]]s. [[Form]] [[within]] ([[information]]) rises from [[flow]], and flow arises from play, which is dancing with [[emptiness]]. More forms to play with. Inclining ears fill. Filled, form rises.
    • We are here to help you [[fit]] in with all [[life]]. We are here to support your [[change]] in the way you are already changing. We do this by joining with all life we find, and welcoming our change. We find that fit often involves more [[forms]] than are currently given space, and we aid in exploration to find the [[space]] for what is there, for what is struggling to [[flow]]. To give you an additional opportunity to [[explore]] how you may fit in with life, so you may choose to welcome the feeling of expansive change with us, if you want. [[aim]] [[mission]]
  • An [[aim]] is always expressed in terms of others. Your [[enemy]], your audience, your [[family]], your [[tribe]], your customers. Otherwise, you are not bigger than your self, and you have no motivation to [[work]] solely for your [[self]]. [[Emotional]] [[energy]] always comes from others.
  • It easier to [[move]] yourself than it is to move others. [[control]] collapsed:: true
  • When your [[end]] is a [[number]], you work [[hard]] instead of [[smart]]. This is how [[Goodhart's law]] plays out. This is why wars of [[attrition]] happened, why killcounts don't win wars, and why rewarding people for the number of rats killed does not result in fewer rats. When you select an [[end]], check your [[means]] and ask: how does this help my [[aim]]?


  • Finished reading [[Bloodlands]] by [[Timothy D. Snyder]]. Utterly depressing read but very interesting to learn more about the history of [[Europe]]. 5 stars of 5.
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