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Contrary, I view the stream as a representation of the garden

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I've come into view everything that we write, post or otherwise share as a garden. As long as it has some attachment to you, perhaps a username, I can safely call your garden. These gardens have different representations, one commonly being a stream. One might be inclined to view the garden and the stream as independent, but I beg to differ.

Ultimately the stream is nothing but a representation of the garden, a way to visualize it. Instead of conceptualizing streams as its own thing, I each stream as just a garden, filtered off some metadata.

So, we have many gardens, [[Twitter]], [[Instagram]], and the conventional [[garden]], hell even a [[blog]]. These gardens often form streams, usually many. In twitter's case each tweet forms:

  • [[User]]'s own stream

Then 'global' streams

Really, there is 2x more streams

  • xLatest
  • xTop

Gardens in the sense of a raw collection of idea's are not really viewable, beyond that singular idea. you must transcode it, you can do this in many ways

The Stream: a feed based on [[metadata]], sometimes filtered by criteria. Often the metadata is post time.

The graph: a 2d view of ideas linked together by common metdata, commonly tags or backlinks

The garden: 2 things with the same name! this is a focus on a single node, with a easy way to reach others, normally [[wikilinks]]

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