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[[Master list of economic reports with links]]

Economic Impacts

[[Economic Reports]] [[The importance Of Economic Reports]] [[Impact On Central Banks And Markets]] [[Impact On Sectors And Companies]] [[Impact On Jobs And Professional Opportunities]] [[Sector Impacts On Investments]]

Economic Indicators and Metrics

[[What Is Inflation]] [[Consumer Price Index (CPI)]] [[Macro Impact On Investments]] [[Personal Consumption Expenditures]] [[Pulling Inflation Measures Together]] [[Inflation Rates and Yield Curve]] [[Producer Price Index]]

Housing Market

[[Housing Overall]] [[MBA Mortgage Applications]] [[S&P Case-Shiller Index]] [[Housing Starts]] [[Building Permits]] [[New Home Sales]]

GDP And The Macro Economy

[[GDP Overview]] [[GDP vs GNP]] [[Construction Spending]] [[Existing Home Sales]] [[Pending Home Sales]] [[GDP - Consumption]] [[What is Fiscal Policy]] [[GDP - Net exports and trade]] [[GDP - Governemnt Spending]] [[GDP - Investment]] [[GDP - Regional Fed Estimates]]

Leading and Trailing Indicators

[[ISM - Nonmanufacturing Index]] [[Regional Monthly Manufacturing Fed Data]] [[Consumer Confidence]] [[Auto Sales]] [[Industrial Production]] [[Retail Sales]] [[Leading Indicators]] [[IMF Quarterly GDP Forecasts]] [[Monetary Policy]] [[Employment And Jobs Report]] [[Jobless Claims]] [[Weekly Energy Reports]]

International Impacts

[[German Ifo And Eurozone PMI]] [[China PMI]] [[Fed Decisions And The Dot Plot]] [[Fed Press Conference And The Testimony]] [[OPEC Decisions]]

Australian Factors

[[Pursuasive Economic Reports]] [[Primary Economic Institutions]] [[The RBA And Its Board]] [[The RBA's General Economic Model]] [[Hueristics Useful For The National Economy]] [[Criticisms Of Australian Economic Management]] [[Likely Australia=Specific Economic Outcomes]]



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