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  • Updating spacemacs and updating all packages. Never quite know what will work and won't work every time I do this.

    • I feel like one day I should move to Doom. But I'm pretty bedded in.
    • As expected, something wrong.
      • First issue: Error in dotspacemacs/user-config: Cannot open load file: No such file or directory, org-roam-ui
        • Is org-roam-ui no longer included in spacemacs? I dunno, just removed (load-library "org-roam-ui") it from user-config.
      • Second issue: [[apply: Symbol's value as variable is void: symbolp]]. When I do SPC p p. Which is helm-projectile-switch-project.
  • I was in meetings for 4h30m today.

  • I filed a bunch of things from my TO FILE file yesterday. Some good stuff in there from years back.

  • Listened: [["We all should be botanists" Interview with Leif Bersweden]]

  • [[Energy company profits]]

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