📚 node [[2024 01 16]]
  • [[work]]
    • tough with [[layoffs]] wave 3 going on, plus [[social plan]] negotiations for all waves
    • but people are great
  • [[social coop]] organizing circle meeting was great!
  • [[open letters]]:
  • I've had [[unbundling tools for thought]] open as a tab for maybe over a year now -- should I read it?
  • I ask myself this kind of question often, as I'm managing tabs a lot of the time (I have many across many computers), often on the way of getting something else done.
    • I want to trust myself to eventually do some things, like reading this, but even though I very often add things to the Agora (through [[Betula]] or manually) to keep track of them, there are so many that I will probably never get to most of them.
      • And maybe that's OK!
      • Leaving links behind is better than nothing ;)


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