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  • [[Direction]].
  • When teaching a [[course]], it is useful to [[change]] the [[game]] several times.
    • Using different kinds of [[games]] will help the learners keep their [[energy]] up.
    • Designing [[games]] in response to things learners are trying to [[learn]] will give them even more [[energy]].
    • One-sided [[talks]] are good for giving people a quick explanation '[[why]]'.
  • Monday, 03/27/2023 ** 09:08 It's a bit upsetting to discover to what degree someone I know has modeled themselves after a particular person or magnate or series of self-help articles. Makes me want to consume much less and do more (How do I know so many bad Zach Bias?). I'll be a more unique person if my references are from my own world, not media that everyone else has consumed, and if people and work I admire is accessible to me in real life rather than behind a screen and some social media numbers.

Can't deny that socials are the best promotion strategy, though - and that it's cool to see your friends work. It's too easy to meet people on the internet. How do we make it feel more personal - bidirectional - ?

You can't design things unless you know how things are made. The medium determines how people interact with the work. There is no escaping it. Generating images isn't craft with understanding. ** 10:23 If the thumbnail isn't beautiful it's not a good image.

The image should have two properties

  • Look beautiful from the outset. This is a decision made within a couple of seconds of seeing it. Will I stop or keep walking? Will I pause my scrolling?

  • Prompt the user to examine more, with far more time. The user should have to stop, spend time looking, and zoom in on instagram to see the whole image in detail.

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