📚 node [[2023 03 22]]
  • 22 ~ [[fork]] * [[right thinking]]
  • [[work]]
  • [[flancia]]
    • [[pomodoros]] for the [[revolution]]
    • [[soma fm]]
      • donated
    • [[logseq]]
    • [[social coop]]
      • closed registration who sent corrected data
      • I could have guessed the correct address this time, will keep it in mind for next time there's a registration without a working opencollective URL (this happens in about 10%-20% of the registrations I'd say)
      • The issue though is that most of the time the correct URLs are not easily guessable
      • Checking for working URLs should be OS system level so users can benefit from it maximally?
      • I've always thought the same goes for [[wikilink]] resolution.
        • This reminds me I am experimenting with calling them [[spaceships]].
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