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  • Sunday didn't go according to plan w.r.t. [[pomodoros]] and such, but I am OK with how it turned up anyway.
    • Did [[laundry]].
    • Helped a [[social coop]] user recover an account, and started a proposal for simplifying onboarding to the instance.
    • Had coffee with our [[neighbors]].
    • Met my [[brother]] and we had a long conversation.
    • Then I had a conversation with my [[mother]].
    • Then I caught up a bit (not completely) with [[friends online]].
  • #push [[week]]
  • [[work]]
    • big week at work, need to make some progress on a launch / give a presentation / send out a document for review. will try leave everything that needs to happen this week in decently 'ready' state by EOD today, Monday.
  • Eating [[plants]] is a lot of [[work]], because it takes a longer [[digestive]] system to process cellulose and [[plant]] toxins, whereas an [[animal]] is a high-[[energy]] package. [[Scavenging]] is easier than [[predation]], but there is more [[competition]] for scavenging, since the high-energy package is not putting up a [[fight]]. The cheapest [[prey]] to predate on is whichever prey would soonest die- either because they are [[young]] and not well-protected, or they are injured, [[old]], and otherwise at risk of soon starving.
  • The first step for a [[predator]] is [[finding]] [[prey]]- to know that prey is present in a [[space]], and then to know exactly where in that space the prey is. For the prey, it just has to know that there is a predator, and the rough direction the predator is in, so it can [[flee]]. Higher variability in its [[escape]], that comes from not knowing exactly where the predator is, can help with the escape. [[Attack]] and escape are high-[[energy]] actions, so they must make a [[decision]] about whether to attack or escape. If a predator doesn't know exactly where prey is, it makes more sense for that prey to simply stay still, since many predators rely on [[movement]] to [[locate]] prey.
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