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The Circular Economy Blueprint paves the way for a Right to Repair in Europe

URL : https://repair.eu/news/circular-economy-action-plan/

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  • Right to Repair was included in the [[European Commission]]'s Circular Economy Action Plan
  • first step towards making repair commonplace in Europe

what it lays out

  • five year blueprint
  • move away from take-make-use-dispose
  • towards sustainable products, services and business models
  • provides a policy framework preventing wasteful consumption and built-in obsolescence

next steps

  • publication of forthcoming [[ecodesign]] work plan

things included

  • Sustainable product policy legislative initiative that aims to improve, among other sustainability aspects, repairability of all products on the European market and counter premature obsolescence – electronics and ICT products are identified as a priority

  • Revision of EU consumer law to establish a new ‘[[right to repair]]’ and provide point of sale information on lifespan of products, as well as availability of repair services, [[spare parts]] and [[repair manuals]]

  • [[Circular Electronics Initiative]], with focus on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and printers and including focus on both hardware and software as well as the introduction of common charger

  • Revision of economic instruments to enable Member States to use VAT rates to promote repair services

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