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First up: [[ward cunningham]]! Trends in this space.

Clearcutting the internet. Listen to the wind in the trees. Do not trust someone with a business model, because they will prefer their model to you if they need to.

The internet is more of a park than a shopping mall. We are park builders here.

Vision for [[fedwiki]]: something that is federated but is recognizably a wiki.

You are not succesful if you are not being copied. Who cares if the idea is succesful? That's the foundation of creativity: understanding other ideas and making them your own. Different from a github model, where everybody is working towards the "same ideal code". We want instead a chorus of voices here.

A place in your mind to create: different from just 'remembering' things. Creating collaboratively is amazing.

The most common markup is text + double square brackets. But would like to branch out to many more complex formats; mind maps for example (might have gotten the term wrong here).

[[sami husseni]] freeic.org (in chat)

Descriptions of intention. Intentions being independently evaluated by a 'robot critic'. Integrated functional testing in the network. [[annotated intentions]].

Next up: [[daniel doyon]], co-founder of [[readwise]].

Very few people (<5%) of those that kept book highlights had a way of revisiting their highlights. [[readwise]] fetches all highlights, aggregates and tries to make it so that users revisit them -- daily reminders are sent, etc.

Value proposition evolved into being a place that makes it easy to get all your data/annotations into a single place.

Belief: when the [[pc]] came out, it was immediately better for writing than anything that existed and was analog. Software 'ate' the practice of writing, which includes note taking. What software didn't eat was reading; low resolution CRTs weren't better than printed material.

Next: [[bastien guerry]]. Missed the beginning due to technical problems.

Plato's written dialogues.

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Writing: both a remedy and a poison. [[pharmakon]].

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Models and anti-model. Anti-mode: word documents floating around without versioning.

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[[org mode]]!

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Single powerful idea: let's write to-do items and notes with the same tool!

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"org mode brought folding to the people"

[[dan whaley]]: to the audience. Keep thinking questions for the panel later :) Where is this all headed?

Next up: me! Supposedly. No notes here but slides are on [[go/agora-slides]].

[[oliver sauter]] "in the flow": a case for [[bespoke interoperability]].

"how our future note-taking infrastructure can serve us wherever we are, as a constant companion"

Basic coordination problem.

Some workflows do not require sophisticated processes to be useful.

In the context of [[memex]], they identified the [[creator workflow]]: [[discover]], [[capture]], [[synthesize]], [[share]].

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[[emergent interoperability]]

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Takeaway: let's prefer emergent patterns to top-down approches.

[[dan whaley]] follows. A [[feature request]] :)

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The problem: import/export flows are one way only.

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What's needed? Commitment, protocol, APIs, conventions, services and clients.

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[[conaw]] is next. "roam is not about note taking". The landing page said that, but it was a matter of saying what people could understand. Working on this since 2008, met Obama, full time since 2013: "Roam has always been about building a platform for Collective Intelligence".

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Moore's law. [[cognitive surplus]].

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Many Wikipedias left to be created.

Flywheels and feedback loops.

Inspiration: [[Doug engelbart]]

(technical difficulties)

[[junyu zhan]] from [[logseq]] next!

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[[logseq]] starts as a personal project by [[tienson qin]]. Draws inspiration from other tools like [[roam research]]; we thank all tools we learnt from.

Privacy and data security is of utmost importance. Open source. It makes a tool for knowledge available to anyone!

Web app and desktop app recently went through refactoring, resulting in a better architecture and experience. Recently opened early access to [[plugins api]]. Users are already building great extensions with it.

"People around the world are sharing, collaborating and building communities around it."

Interoperability between different note taking talks is a problem we can solve together by embracing open standards.

Panel comes next! [[the future of note taking]]

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