📚 node [[leadership]]
  • The slightest bit of [[agitation]] and [[excitement]] gets passed onto your men.
  • [[Delegate]] what you know best, since you're best at evaluating it.
  • Tell them [[why]], set challenges to suit the why, and let them figure out the [[how]].
  • In [[chimpanzees]], high ranking [[males]] provide [[comfort]] to the [[group]]. Before taking Alpha, they are extremely generous to [[coalitions]].
  • When you stop [[fights]], be impartial. Come up for the underdog in general.
  • 'Chakravarti' was a term used in the [[Mauryan]] [[Empire]] to denote the [[Emperor]], or [[King]] of Kings. It means 'one whose wheels keep turning', so that such a King was characterized by always [[moving]].
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