📚 node [[apply symbol s value as variable is void symbolp]]
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⥅ node [[apply-symbols-value-as-variable-is-void-symbolp]] pulled by Agora

apply: Symbol's value as variable is void: symbolp

Getting this error when I try to execute various projectile related commands after updating [[spacemacs]]. Things such as SPC p p (helm-projectile-switch-project), SPC p b, etc.

I've done SPC f e d. So that's up to date. I've done SPC f e c, so things are recompiled.

Helm still seems to work elsewhere. It's just projectile? Or helm-projectile?

OK, done what I had to do once before with switch - switch to ivy layer rather than helm for now. This seems to make use of counsel-projectile rather than helm-projectile, and is working fine for now.

UPDATE [2022-10-28 Fri]

Switched back to helm today, and this error is no longer a problem.

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