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Agora Hub

  • The [[Agora]] is a bit about integrating the best out there, in a sense; that's what I believe could be a competitive advantage of open source.
  • Companies are usually motivated not to cooperate with others, because they want an edge in the market. This forces them to close down, and it means every company needs to implement a lot of the same stuff independently. It's so inefficient.
  • Open source can be fully open because it has open intentions. Every platform is open by default to collaboration, because openness is symmetric, and integrating with a product usually means users get something of value out of it for no recurring costs.
  • n products or open platforms will tend to integrate, presumably, if they see value in it exceeding integration costs. The issue is that integrations themselves can be seen as costly, because they are by default a full graph, which has n! directed edges.
  • The Agora is an attempt to work around this by clearly defining a neutral ground for willing parties to cooperate in. This common ground can then be used to build a hub. A hub is a highly connected node. In the previous graph of n, if all nodes trust hub h, complexity of integration drops to n.
  • See also: [[Agora]], [[Agora Plan]], [[Agora Protocol]].
  • [[go]] https://twitter.com/flancian/status/1330205461732323329
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