[ An introduction to systems thinking from a system dynamics perspective]

Suggested Papers

Forrester, J. W. (1971). [ Counterintuitive behavior of social systems].

Barry Richmond [ Thinking in Systems]

Senge, P (1990) [ The Leaders New Work: Building Learning Organizations]

Useful Sites

[ Resources for systems dynamics and systems thinking]

Web based courses

[ MIT Sloan Roadmaps self study System Dynamics course]

[ Waters Foundation Webed course for educators]

[ A short interactive course designed for teachers] (you will need to create a free account or log on with facebook or google)

[ Gene Bellinger Accredited Systems Thinking course]


Meadows, D H.(2008). Thinking in Systems: Chelsea Green Publishing, Hertford (VT)

Richmond, B (1992). Introduction to Systems Thinking: STELLA: High Performance Systems Inc, Lebanon (NH)

Senge, P M. (1990). The Fifth Discipline: Doubleday, New York

Sherwood, D. (2002). Seeing the Forest for the Trees (A Managers Guide to applying Systems Thinking): Nicolas Brealey Publishing, London


Vensim Download a free public learning edition of Vensim [ here]

[ STELLA system dynamics software]

[ Kumu and Insight Maker]

[ Powersim]

[ Free Powersim e-book]

[ Silico online modelling tool]

[ AnyLogic free online simulation environment].

[ CLE Splash]

[ Loopy]

[ Simulating Networks]

Systems Thinking/System Dynamics in education:

[ Waters Center for Systems Thinking]

[ Creative Learning Exchange]

Linda Booth Sweeney writes some great books for children and teachers on systems thinking. [ Linda's site].

[ Nicky Case]

[ Institute of Play Systems Thinking Design Pack]

[ Cartoon guide to system dynamics]

[ CLE Videos]