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Why? It's fun (at least subjectively).
I'm trying to work on objectively useful things (diet, exercise, sleep), and quantifying keeps me motivated to to more research and get rigorous understanding of how body works.

About the data I collect: https://beepb00p.xyz/my-data.html

tracking: #sleep

need to update this section properly
at the moment I'm using Emfit QS for actual data, and manual org-mode tracking for subjective stats after sleep

UP24 bioimpedance

actually take a look at intervals after all! Maybe prot on one large picture?

zeo band? apparently, went bust..

see gwern blog

how to assess quality of sleep properly??


dreams: just org-mode


tracking: #location

  • google maps
  • swarm

tracking: #mood

tracking: #blood

  • medichecks
  • thriva

tracking: #weight

in particular, body composition


apparently, not very precise, fluctuates a lot depending on water intake

tracking: finances

  • #hledger
  • drebedengi

tracking: #food

nutrino [[nutrino]]

[2021-01-19] add screenshots

tracking: computer/phone usage

#arbtt on desktop

#rescuetime on phone

[2018-05-31] extracting activity data (e.g. sleep)



I tried this app for several weeks but gave up because it was blatantly inaccurate. It will log time of apps running in the background. When I had two browser windows opened it would double my time assuming I was looking at both windows simultaneously.
The one thing it did well was count how many times you unlock the phone, which surprised me I checked it as often as I did, but I was pretty sure I didn't play candy crush for 6 hours straight while I was sleeping. [reddit]

tracking: misc

blood pressure?

alcohol monitor?

The only way to get an accurate reading of your BAC is with a blood draw. The PBTs the police use on the side of the road are wildly inaccurate, and even the more advanced ones they use at the police stations/car breathalyzers still have their problems with calibration.
I doubt one you can buy at a store is going to be accurate at all, so my advice would be not to waste your money.

thyroid home test?

cholesterol home test?

gut biome? https://ubiome.com

food Intolerance tests

meh, unlikely it would show anything useful

cognitive testing [[cognitive]]

cambridge brain sciences https://www.cambridgebrainsciences.com/


exporting data: https://www.reddit.com/r/QuantifiedSelf/comments/7b5dt3/heres_a_quick_way_to_exportaccess_cambridge_brain/

quantified mind … hasn't been updated for a while http://www.quantified-mind.com/about

ugh, apparently, it only has five experminents



other links


[2017-09-29] [#C] Serge Faguet: https://hackernoon.com/im-32-and-spent-200k-on-biohacking-became-calmer-thinner-extroverted-healthier-happier-2a2e846ae113

A bit insane (or is it?). But worth going through the biomarkers tests, etc, might be something useful there

related [[sleep]] [[exercise]] [[longevity]]

My fundamental colclusion ??? it's that I don't trust himself lhuman (and especially my) ability to detect weak signals [[qs]] [[toblog]]

many hrv points are 0. wtf??? [[emfit]] [[sleep]]

hrv is 0 on some days… need to refresh the data do double check? [[emfit]] [[sleep]]

at least, track tea and coffee maybe?

[2019-05-03] index - HumanMicrobiome https://old.reddit.com/r/HumanMicrobiome/wiki/index#wiki_testing.3A

[2019-06-13] Quantified Health Prize results announced - LessWrong 2.0 https://www.lesswrong.com/posts/yMKfih99nSqRyphkD/quantified-health-prize-results-announced

[2021-01-03] Essux/Quantified-Self-Reports

questions i want answered: can i have a smart alarm that actually works? Like, detects hrv or sleep phase or something and wakes me up? [[qs]] [[sleep]]

[2021-02-06] Cooper test - Wikipedia [[qs]] [[vo2]]

The results can be correlated with VO2 Max.

max distance ran in 12 mins

[2021-01-31] Strength Level - Weightlifting Calculator (Bench/Squat/Deadlift) [[wledger]]

Correlate sleep with rescuetime/arbtt data? [[qs]] [[sleep]]

Generally correlate time before asleep?

Heat plot hr at specific hour + sunrise [[qs]] [[sleep]]

[2021-02-06] New Oura vs Emfit QS? - Quantified Self Forum [[emfit]] [[sleep]] [[oura]]

ok, so could check movement sounds against emfit/garmin? [[emfit]] [[qs]] [[garmin]] [[sleepasandroid]]

[XPOST] JotaJade has documented every hour of 2020! [[qs]] [[inspiration]]


[2021-03-25] qsdb/docs: Quantified Self Database (QSDB) Documentation

QSDB, in its current alpha stage, comprises:
 a soft specification/schema of how to format and organize your personal data
 suggested tools for storing your data
 scripts and configuration files for deploying those tools
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