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General high level physics study guides and notes.
Note: I'm not a physicist :)

[2018-08-17] Baez – how to learn physics [[tostudy]] [[baez]] (on 't Hooft's "How to become a good theoretical physicist")

This is cool as always, but in case anybody is seriously contemplating using it: this list is infamous for its complete uselessness for anybody actually trying to learn. It's mostly recommended because of 't Hooft's name, but it doesn't reflect how he actually learned physics himself, nor how anybody ever has, really.
It's been "under construction" (i.e. completely abandoned) for two decades. Half the links are broken, and the ones that aren't tend to be whatever the top Google hit was in the 90s, not what's pedagogically best. If you're serious about learning physics, there are many much better roadmaps, like Susan Fowler's list

[2018-12-09] Gerard ’t Hooft, Theoretical Physics as a Challenge [[tostudy]]

[2019-01-10] go through it and figure out where I am?

[2020-08-01] Viktor T. Toth - Physics notes

ok, this is amazing.. def need to read everything


Physical Church-Turing Thesis: {laws of physics can be simulated to any desired precision by a TM (or at any rate, by a probabilistic TM)} [[drill]]

Shtetl-Optimized » Blog Archive » “Can computers become conscious?”: My reply to Roger Penrose
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hadron was now the general term for particles that felt the strong force. [[drill]]

from Genius: The Life and Science of Richard Feynman

[2020-08-01] Viktor T. Toth - Physics notes

[2018-11-14] A soft introduction to physics for mathematicians who don't know the first thing about physics - MathOverflow [[math]] [[physics]]

[2019-01-10] shit, that's intense..

Another question: Why in general relativity E=mc2?
Math Answer: Because the group of Poincaré has no cohomology